6 Foods that pregnant women should avoid

During pregnancy, it is advisable to pay attention to nutrition, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meat and fish. But there are foods that may harm the fetus, what are they?

"It is recommended to take supplements specially designed for pregnant women, containing iron and folic acid that are necessary for the health of women and the fetus (after consultation with the doctor)," said Violin Dombier in her report.

There are things to be careful for pregnant women such as:

- Listeria disease
Caused by bacteria found in soil and water especially in rural areas of the disease. Vegetables and livestock may contain these bacteria, as well as milk and non-pasteurized products.

Some precautions to avoid Listeria:
- It is necessary to wash vegetables well before consumption.
- Selection of food products.
- Meat and fish must be cooked at temperatures above 50 ° C to kill these bacteria.
- Leave the food after two hours on the table is risky.
- Knives should be washed with the kitchen table and the plates we used with raw food.
- Eggs must be cooked well before eating.

This can lead to hysterectomy during pregnancy, premature birth, fetal infection, or the birth of a dead child. It can also cause meningitis.

- Toxoplasmosis
Brucellosis is a parasitic disease that can be caused by eating unsweetened garden vegetables or poorly cooked lamb or after touching the soil. During pregnancy, the disease can be serious, because the parasites invade the placenta and infect the fetus.

During the first three months of pregnancy, placental disease rarely crosses the placenta. In the last three months, the risk of infection increases, but the risk is significantly reduced.

Otherwise, it is very dangerous between the fourth and sixth month of pregnancy, because it causes damage to the brain and eye.

It should be noted that the greater the incidence of the disease of the mother at the beginning of pregnancy, the less likely to pass the virus to the placenta. But if he succeeds in doing so, the consequences are serious.

The writer said that some foods may be very harmful to the fetus, and the following are some of these foods and drinks that are advised to avoid, noting that this is a general list and to be guided, and always be sure of the doctor:

1- Herbal tea:
There are types of herbal tea that is recommended to avoid drinking, and this is a general list to be guided, and always be sure of the doctor:
- Chamomile
- The Cactus
- Asian ginseng
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- Holy cortex
- Castor oil
- Saffron
- The story
- The licorice

2 - Pregnant avoid meat and fish raw or cooked badly.

3. Avoid crustaceans.

4. It is recommended to avoid cold meat, and although the risk of leastriasis is rare, pregnant women whose immune system is weak are considered more vulnerable.

5. Fresh milk cheeses (unpasteurized).

6. Some fish, such as tuna, swordfish or shark, which contain a large amount of mercury harmful to the child.
Some sources point to the need for women not to eat these fish during pregnancy. In contrast, the Canadian Ministry of Health advises pregnant women or young children not to take these substances more than once a month, as high amounts of mercury can damage the brain of the fetus and cause serious problems in the child, such as visual and neurological disorders and at the level of pronunciation.

What about caffeine?
Coffee is not recommended in large amounts during pregnancy. Recent US studies have suggested a role for caffeine in increasing the risk of miscarriage in the first trimester, because caffeine leaks into the baby's blood.

Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning is not very dangerous. On average, a cup of coffee contains between 107 and 135 milligrams of caffeine, while a cup of tea equals 34 to 40 milligrams. It is therefore advisable to replace coffee with tea. If you prefer coffee, you can add more water to your coffee so you can drink more.

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