You used to take care of my exams, and now I'm you

The female police officer returned to her alma mater for the first time to take the exam, and unexpectedly found that the male police officer next to her had escorted her to the college entrance examination six years ago

Text/Picture Yangcheng Evening News reporter Zhang Hao Correspondent Nan Gongxuan

Early on the morning of June 6, Chen Zhilan, a police officer of Foshan Nanhai Public Security Branch, put on her equipment and came to the examination center of Shimen Senior High School in Shishan Mountain of Nanhai with her colleagues, which was the first time she participated in the security work of the college entrance examination since she joined the police in 7. Six years ago, Chen Zhilan graduated from the school, and now she returns to her alma mater as a police officer to escort her juniors and sisters in the college entrance examination, and she is extremely excited.

On the same day, police officer Zhao Fangming was also escorting the exam at the test center, and he who had participated in many college entrance examination escort work was a little more calm and calm than Chen Zhilan.

"These college entrance examination emergency kits should be laid out in advance", "Pull the cordon in advance, the conical tube should be laid out, and do a good job of flow control", "Pay attention to the status of the parents accompanying the exam, the weather is too hot, and the body is prone to discomfort"... At the school gate, Zhao Fangming took Chen Zhilan to run forward and back, teaching the experience of protecting the exam, and the movements on his hands did not stop, taking the college entrance examination emergency medicine box, spare bag, conical tube, etc. from the police convenience car and placing them one by one, seeing that some parents sent the candidates to come, and quickly greeted and guided the command vehicles and pedestrians to pass in an orderly manner, reminding parents to drive cautiously and carefully to ensure that the order outside the venue was in order. Not long after, the police uniforms on the two were wet with sweat.

At 9 a.m., the exam bell rang, and Zhao Fangming and Chen Zhilan, who had been tense for a long time, could finally breathe. Zhao Fangming handed Chen Zhilan a bottle of water and reminded her with experience that when on duty in hot weather, she should pay attention to drinking more water to replenish water to her body.

"Brother Ming, how many times have you come here to escort the college entrance examination?" Between breaks, Chen Zhilan inadvertently asked Zhao Fangming. "I have been in the police for 11 years, and I have also participated in the college entrance examination security for 11 years, escorting Shimen Senior High School every year." Zhao Fangming pointed to the school behind him as he spoke, with a proud face, "I am like an 'old friend' with this school." ”

Before Zhao Fangming finished speaking, a look of surprise appeared on Chen Zhilan's face, and she said in a loud voice, "It's so fate!" We are so lucky! It turned out that Chen Zhilan also took the college entrance examination at this school 6 years ago, and the police officer who escorted her college entrance examination was Zhao Fangming, who is now standing by her side.

"In the past 11 years, I have escorted waves of candidates, and although I can't remember what they looked like, they are the best look of youth in my eyes." When listening to Chen Zhilan say the reason for the matter, Zhao Fangming was also deeply moved.

At 11:30 a.m., the bell for the end of the first exam rang, but at this time the sky suddenly began to rain heavily, Chen Zhilan saw this, grabbed the umbrella prepared in advance by the college entrance examination convenience service station, walked into the examination room, came to the teaching building she was familiar with, and escorted the students who did not bring umbrellas after the exam out of the examination room one after another. "Six years ago, the police guarded me, and now it's my turn to guard the candidates." In Chen Zhilan's view, from being guarded by the police to guarding the candidates, this is like a reincarnation, more like inheritance, and the police's love and protection for the candidates will be passed on.