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Left-wing protester on the so-called »Day X«


After the left-wing riots in Leipzig, the police set up an investigation team. Currently, more than 100 crimes are registered, said the Leipzig police department. This confronts the police with complex and long-term investigations. More than 20 officers are part of the investigation team.

In addition, the police announced further information about the riots and the operation. Over the weekend, 51 police officers were injured. Arrest warrants had been issued against a total of twelve demonstrators, including assaults on law enforcement officers, attempted dangerous bodily injury or serious breach of the peace.

On Thursday, it also became known that the public prosecutor's office is investigating attempted murder against unknown persons. The reason was the throwing of a Molotov cocktail from the ranks of the demonstrators against the police. Last weekend, after the verdict against the left-wing extremist Lina E., there were several riots in Leipzig.