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ICE in Frankfurt am Main (symbolic image)

Photo: Boris Roessler / dpa

Because of a person at risk of falling, there was a large-scale operation in Frankfurt am Main, in which 450 people were evacuated from an ICE. The person was on Monday afternoon on the Main-Neckar bridge in the railway facility, as the fire brigade announced on Tuesday night.

In addition to emergency services on the ground, water rescue units were also called in. The long-distance railway lines on the bridge as well as the trams under the bridge were closed, according to the information. Shipping on the Main had also been interrupted.

Childcare centre set up

An ICE, which could no longer be air-conditioned after the power was switched off, was therefore in a closed track area and had to be evacuated. The emergency services accompanied the approximately 450 passengers over the tracks to a care center on the grounds of the nearby university hospital, as the fire brigade announced. Passengers continued their journey by bus.

In the early evening, shipping on the Main could be resumed, according to the information. According to the fire department, the person left the fall-prone area around 1 a.m. under safety measures. Among other things, she had been looked after by the police negotiating group. Around a hundred firefighters, rescue services and civil protection were on site.