The first trial of the former head of a consultancy firm accused of accepting bribes along with a former director of the organizing committee of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in a corruption case involving the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games has been held, and the former representative admitted to the charges against him.

Yuji Matsui (78), an acquaintance of Haruyuki Takahashi (75), a former director of the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games who was indicted for bribery, and a former representative of a consulting company, sold stuffed toys of the Games mascot with advertising giant ADK Holdings in return for facilitating sponsorship contracts for the Games. He is accused of bribery for transferring part of the bribes received by former director Takahashi to his company's account.

At the first trial held at the Tokyo District Court, the former representative admitted the charges against him, saying, "There is no doubt about it."

In his opening statement, the prosecutor's office stated, "Former Representative Matsui was told by former director Takahashi, 'I will move and take various things from now on, so expect your share,' and he also prepared false documents to make it look like a legitimate transaction."

In addition, "Former representative Matsui tried to distribute a part of the money transferred to his account to his friend Tsunekazu Takeda, former president of the JOC = Japan Olympic Committee, but was refused."

This is the first time that a trial has been held on the bribery side in a corruption case involving the Tokyo Games.