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Although his ex, Gwyneth Paltrow, is one of the great 'muses' of wellness and diets, food supplements, creams and candles knows a lot (another thing is the scientific basis behind each of his 'tips'), Chris Martin what has changed his life is a piece of advice given by one of his great idols during a meal that took place last year after the Coldplay concert. in Philadelphia. "I don't eat anything from four o'clock in the afternoon; I learned it during a lunch I had with Bruce Springsteen."

According to the leader of Coldplay in the podcast 'Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend', "at that time, I was following a very strict diet, but, despite that, Bruce looked even better fit than me".

What was the secret to the 73-year-old Boss being stronger than Martin at 46? It was Patti Scialfa, the wife of the New Jersey singer, who revealed it to him. "He told me Bruce only ate once a day. And so I thought, 'Well, there I have it: that's your new challenge.'"

What Martin didn't discover was what his colleague takes, during that one daily intake, to maintain that steel musculature and physical endurance he's flaunting during his new tour. "I think he eats buffalo with steroid sauce!" he joked.


Despite the fact that, from time to time, he can be seen tasting one of those Federici's pepeponi pizzas – in his native Freehold (New Jersey) – that he likes so much or a hot dog at Max's Bar & Grill in Long Branch, Springsteen takes care of even the smallest detail of his diet. "The most important thing is diet, diet and diet," he recently explained to country singer Tim McGraw on his show on Apple Music.

"I don't eat too much and I don't eat unhealthy food, except once in a while to 'have fun' a little bit. So my advice to anyone who is trying to get in shape is that, although exercise is always important, be clear that this game depends on diet by 90%."

'Addicted' to strength work since, in the 80s, he became a bull (he does not usually forgive one of his sessions or while touring with his band), Springsteen recognized McGraw who, today, trains softer. "I don't do much right now. I lift a little weight to stay toned and I also make tape. But I don't run anymore, I walk."

So far, the strategies of Springsteen and his friend Martin to be strong and resistant but, at this point, it would be convenient to remember that, before introducing any substantial change in our diet, we must put ourselves in the hands of a specialist who dictates what is best for us according to our needs because health is not played.

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