Solène Delinger 14:11 pm, March 21, 2023

Patrick Fiori is a fulfilled dad. The 53-year-old singer recently welcomed a baby boy, the fruit of his love affair with his new girlfriend Charlene, a 27-year-old fan. Before this romance, the artist was married to Ariane Quatrefages. Together, the lovebirds had two little boys. Patrick Fiori was then coming out of a romantic relationship with a famous coach of "The Voice"...

Patrick Fiori rediscovers the joys of fatherhood. The singer, who recently found love in the arms of Charlene, one of his 27-year-old fans, welcomed on March 8 a little boy, fruit of their union. As reported by our colleagues from the magazine Voici, the toddler was born in the hospital of Ajaccio and would be in great shape. Something to delight Patrick Fiori, who will baby again.

Patrick Fiori already father of two boys

The star of the musical Notre-Dame-de-Paris should quickly regain control since he has already taken care of two adorable toddlers: these two little boys, born of his relationship with his ex-wife Ariane Quatrefages, and now aged 13 and 9. Before falling in love with this runner-up of the Miss France 2000 election, Patrick Fiori shared the life of a great singer who, like him, was a coach in the show The Voice.

"A real princess"

The father, whose family has just grown, has indeed been in a relationship with a certain Lara Fabian, who sat in one of the famous red armchairs of the singing competition in 2020. The two stars had met in Canada, at Rick Allison's studios in Montreal. Patrick Fiori was then in Quebec to record his album Prends-moi, and had met Lara Fabian by chance.

The singer had instantly fallen madly in love with the diva, of whom he was already a fan: "When she released her album, I was in my car in Ajaccio and I heard Everything. I thought, 'What a voice she has, this girl!' When I saw it on television, I cracked, "recalled Patrick Fiori recently in the columns of Gala. "We met later, when I was working in Canada with his producer, Rick, for my album.... A real princess. I already loved him!" he also confided. Alas, his romance with the singer lasted only two years, from 1998 to 2000.