When the Iraqi YouTuber Haider Al-Faily tied the knot on the Kuwaiti model Ghadeer Al-Fahd, he filmed the moment of documenting the marriage, so he made her accelerator a kilogram of gold and the deferred an imaginary amount, but only 14 days had passed since their marriage and the divorce took place.

The program "Shabakat" (2023/3/19) followed the details of the story that began in Finland, where the marriage was held in the presence of the ma'zoon, who was surprised by the amount of the delay at the time, which is one billion euros. The dowry offered consisted of a "kilo of 21-carat gold".

It seems that the presenter (kilo gold) did not constitute a shock to the followers, as much as the shock caused by the value of the announced backside, ie one billion euros, and wondered the pioneers of networking sites when announcing marriage: Is it a step to enter the trend or a moral expression of eternal love?

The groom was keen from the beginning to show his legendary love for his bride, but only two weeks after the marriage was concluded until the groom announced the news of the divorce, and said: "The divorce between me and Mrs. Ghadeer was done amicably and consensually, due to the lack of harmony and compatibility between the two parties and I wish her a happy life."

How did people react to the divorce of this couple?

After the news of the separation was announced, social networking sites were abuzz with comments, as activist Abu Fahd considered that it was expected that this marriage would not last for a long time and said: "What we told you is that this type of marriage does not last much, this period, and it is considered long, a marriage based on material only and a lot of views."

As for the tweeter Maryam Al-Yasi, she saw that the poor were the first with this imaginary amount and wrote: "If it was paid to the poor and needy, would it not be better for you (better for you) than this link (this link)?!".

For his part, activist Karrar al-Shammari predicted that the matter was related to money laundering, saying: "The largest money laundering operation in the history of Iraq in this way."

Activist Ben Amir pointed out that the material aspect does not necessarily mean achieving happiness in the marital relationship, writing: "The enormity of dowries and defamation of them in public and violating the orders of Sharia, will not build a house and will not bring marital happiness."

After the controversy raised by this story, Ghadeer appeared on social media platforms, to confirm that she did not give up the billion euros and will demand it in her own way, explaining that the groom Haider is the one who put the billion euros as a guarantee so that there is no divorce between them, but unfortunately they were separated from the first problem they faced, as she explained that until now the divorce has not been officially or even orally.

Haidar explained that he handed his wife a kilo of gold at the beginning of his marriage, adding that the billion does not represent the value of women to men, but rather part of their customs and traditions, but rather represents the value of men and women alike.