, Chuxiong, February 6th (Reporter Han Shuainan) Original ecological costume show, beautiful Yi costumes on the catwalk, exquisite Yi embroidery cultural and creative products display... On the 5th, China · Yongren 2023 Zhiju Yi Nationality Competition Festival Held in Zhiju Village, Yongren County, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province.

Tourists from all over the country gathered together to celebrate the festival and the Lantern Festival.

  Every year on the fifteenth day of the first month of the lunar calendar, the Yi people of Yongren gather together to wear exquisite national costumes and start the annual costume competition.

The Zhiju Village Dress Festival has a history of more than 1350 years and is known as "the world's oldest village 'T-stage show'".

China·Yongren 2023 Zhiju Yi Ethnic Dress Festival, with the theme of "Dream Back to Millennium Hand in Hand Fashion", aims to promote the development of the Yi embroidery industry and enhance the cultural influence of Yongren as "the source of competition clothes and the root of Yi embroidery".

Pictured is the scene of the event.

Photo by Kang Ping

  On the same day, as one of the highlights of the event, the theme performance of China·Yongren 2023 Zhiju Yi Race Festival was staged in Zhiju Village.

The villagers formed a team of grandparents, mothers, dolls, and men to display their national costumes with original ecological dance steps.

During the performance, the scene song "Leave Mom Behind", the dance "Competition Dress", the song and dance "Waiting for You in Zhiju" and other programs were interspersed.

  In her speech, Li Wenjuan, member of the Standing Committee of the Chuxiong State Committee of the Communist Party of China and head of the Propaganda Department of the State Committee, introduced that in recent years, Chuxiong Yi Embroidery has explored a new development path of "intangible cultural heritage activation + cultural tourism + farmers' income increase", and has embarked on a path from "guiding From the new path of "point art" to "fingertip economy", there are 594 Yi embroidery market entities in the whole prefecture, 57,000 embroidered women, and 37 successors of Yi embroidery at the national, provincial and state levels. In 2022, Yi embroidery in Chuxiong Prefecture The added value of the industry reached 245 million yuan, an increase of 10 times compared with 2012, and realized three major transformations: "embroidery products become commodities, embroidery pieces become business cards, and shows become markets".

  Wu Yafeng, secretary of the Yongren County Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, said in his speech that the Zhiju Yi nationality has been competing in costumes for 1357 years, and the millennium competition has inherited the millennium Yi embroidery, which continues every year and lasts for thousands of years.

In recent years, with the strong support of the Chuxiong Prefecture Party Committee and the state government, Zhiju Yi people have raced out of the mountains, to Beijing, and to the world. The competition festival has become the most beautiful business card of Yongren.

Pictured is the scene of the event.

Photo by Kang Ping

  The theme forum of "Intangible Cultural Heritage and Communication—Inheritance and Innovation of Yi Nationality's Competition Dress Culture" was also held on the same day. Discussions will be held on the inheritance and activation of the competition culture, the modern design and commercial development of Yi embroidery, and suggestions will be made to promote the creative transformation and innovative development of the excellent traditional culture of the Yi nationality's competition clothing.

  This year's clothing festival is carried out in a combination of online and offline. With the webcast as a link, simultaneous live broadcasts will be launched on multiple platforms, bringing netizens across the country to "travel" to Yongren Zhiju and experience the unique ethnic customs of the clothing festival. and rich intangible cultural heritage.

According to statistics, as of 18:00 on the day of the clothing festival, the live broadcast on the whole network has exceeded 10 million views.