, Nanchang, January 27th (Reporter Li Yunhan) On the 27th, the reporter learned from the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism that during the Spring Festival holiday, more than 81 million yuan of cultural and tourism consumption coupons were issued throughout Jiangxi. "hot".

  It is understood that in order to boost cultural and tourism consumption in the province, more than 81 million yuan of cultural and tourism consumption coupons were distributed throughout Jiangxi during the Spring Festival, and a series of marketing activities were planned and launched, which strongly boosted consumption in the cultural and tourism market.

For example, Ganzhou City issued 20 million yuan of cultural tourism business consumption vouchers, which can be used to deduct consumption in designated scenic spots, hotels and other places; 33 scenic spots in Fuzhou City have launched 25 promotional activities for tickets and catering discounts.

  In addition, around the theme of "Warm Chinese New Year Tour in Jiangxi", more than 1,600 exhibitions, cultural performances, intangible cultural heritage folk customs and other colorful cultural and tourism activities have been launched to create a joyful and peaceful festival atmosphere.

Jiangxi has carried out a number of diverse and popular Spring Festival-themed activities such as "Thousands of Towns and Thousands of Villages for the New Year", "Our Chinese Dream-Culture Enters Thousands of Families", and the "Village Evening" in the countryside in 2023.

Nanchang City held the Spring Festival Fireworks Gala "Flowering Huacai Celebrates the Festive Festival and Opens a New Journey in the Prosperous Age".

  During the Spring Festival holiday, the Jiangxi cultural tourism market has a wide range of traditional cultures, and the folk customs are full of charm.

With the help of unique traditional culture, various folk activities with full charm are widely carried out.

The Yugutai Historical and Cultural Tourist Area held a garden party of "Song Dynasty Never Sleeps Through the Song Dynasty to Celebrate the New Year", as well as national folk performances such as singing and dancing, folk music, juggling, crosstalk, shadow puppetry, and lion dance parade.

  It is worth noting that during the Spring Festival holiday, there are many festive activities in various parts of Jiangxi, and the cultural tourism market is actively recovering, which directly drives the popularity of the local hotel and homestay industry.

During the Spring Festival holiday, the attractiveness of Jiangxi's cultural tourism market has increased significantly, and more and more people are "traveling into the province".

Yichun City's ice and snow tour, hot spring tour, wellness tour and accommodation products booked through leading OTA platforms such as Ctrip, Tongcheng, and Meituan have increased significantly compared with the same period last year, and the occupancy rate of high-end hot spring resort hotels exceeds 82% .

  A person in charge of a large hot spring resort in Yichun City said that since the Spring Festival holiday, the resort’s hot spring projects have received thousands of tourists every day. More than 3,000 people."

  "The first Spring Festival holiday after the optimization and adjustment of the epidemic prevention and control policy is an opportunity and a challenge for us." Talking about the recovery effect of the Spring Festival holiday, Zheng Dong, the person in charge of Mingyue Mountain Scenic Area, responded that around the comprehensive recovery of cultural tourism, further increase traffic, do It is very popular. While enriching its product formats, Mingyue Mountain has made great efforts in all-staff marketing, alliance marketing, and creative marketing. It has linked up with surrounding travel companies, homestay owners, and folk snack merchants to do a good job in cultural tourism marketing articles, effectively realizing the Mutual customer transfer, resource sharing, and win-win benefits.