Solène Delinger 4:00 p.m., January 28, 2023

According to information from the magazine "Closer", on newsstands since Friday January 27, Celine Dion would be very worried about her son René-Charles since he reconnected with his first girlfriend, Angelique.

The young woman indeed works in a casino owned by her parents in Las Vegas.

And, René-Charles would have already had addiction problems with gambling... 

Celine Dion worries about René-Charles.

According to information from our colleagues from the magazine


 the son of the diva, who has just celebrated his 22nd birthday, would have reconnected with his very first girlfriend, a certain Angelique Weckenmann.

And, Celine Dion would take a very dim view of this flashback.

René-Charles addicted to gambling? 

The interpreter of

For you to love me again

indeed fears that his son will plunge back into gambling, a passion or even addiction which he inherited from his father René Angelil.

Because Angelique's family owns one of the largest casino hotels in Las Vegas.

Celine Dion would therefore consider having her son banned from the casino… 

Celine Dion wasn't worried about this relationship in 2016

René-Charles reconnected with Angelique last summer, six years after their first love affair, in 2016. The two teenagers then shared the same passion for ice sports.

Angelique was then a figure skater and René-Charles had meanwhile joined the Las Vegas Storm, an ice hockey club.

Celine Dion then slept soundly.

She had even mentioned this budding relationship during an interview for the show

Sucré Salé, 

on the TVA channel in 2016. "He was with a good girl and I liked that her parents were watching her. "But this relationship does not seem to have gone far.

I don't know how I'm going to react the day he brings home the one he thinks is the right one.

If we sit in the living room and she puts her hand on my boyfriend's thigh… I'm going to crack!". 

The diva can now crack: as

Closer reports, 

Angelique has joined the staff of her family's casino.

And, Celine Dion can no longer watch her René-Charles, who has moved in with his girlfriend in an apartment in Las Vegas.

An additional concern for the singer, in convalescence for several months because of her illness, a "very rare neurological disorder", the stiff-person syndrome.