, Kunming, January 25th (Xiong Jiaxin) In the dense rainforest, young dancer Yuan Zhiping holds palm leaves, imitating the white pheasant, a divine bird of the Hani nationality, dancing gracefully, interpreting the singing of birds in mountain streams and soaring into the sky, creating a warm spring for 2023. The "Blooming Flowers" China, India, Cambodia, and Mongolia Spring Festival Gala added a touch of natural color to show audiences at home and abroad the harmonious chapter of the great beauty of Yunnan and the sharing of beauty.

  Yuan Zhiping was born in Huaning County, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province in 1997. He began to learn dance at the age of 6, and then entered the Dance School affiliated to Shanghai Theater Academy and the Dance Academy of Shanghai Theater Academy for further studies.

In 2020, Yuan Zhiping became a blockbuster in the variety show "Dancer", performing a number of dance works full of Yunnan's ethnic and natural characteristics.

  "All ethnic groups in Yunnan are good at singing and dancing, and have formed a colorful dance culture in the long inheritance and development." Yuan Zhiping introduced, cigarette box dance, peacock dance, bench dance, wooden drum... These are full of The characteristic Yunnan folk dances either come from working life, or are based on observation of nature. They all express the infinite yearning and pursuit of a better life for the people of all ethnic groups in Yunnan, and show the beauty of the prosperous ethnic customs.

The picture shows Yuan Zhiping participating in the 2023 "Spring Blossoms" China-India-Cambodia-Mongolia Spring Festival Gala.

Photo by Li Jiaxian

  Since 2021, Yuan Zhiping has appeared on the stage of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala many times, served as the lead dancer of the dance programs "All One Heart" and "Vientiane Rejuvenation", and became the chief dancer of the Yunnan Provincial Song and Dance Theater.

He believes that the vitality of dance blooms on the stage, and is even more contained in the endless culture.

So he took root in his hometown, constantly absorbing the power of traditional culture, presenting the beauty of Yunnan's original ecological dance in full bloom.

  "'Nature' is one of the most important elements in ethnic dances in Yunnan. For example, the bionic dance imitating the shape of animals is one of the most common forms, reflecting the ancestors' love for nature." Yunnan is also one of the biodiversity hotspots with the richest species in the world, known as the "Kingdom of Plants", "Kingdom of Animals" and "Noah's Ark of Life".

  In recent years, Yunnan's ecological protection has been unprecedentedly strong, and biodiversity protection has achieved remarkable results, which also provides new materials for Yuan Zhiping's dance creations.

As a dancer and choreographer, Yuan Zhiping tried to use modern dance choreography techniques, continue the traditional dance culture of Yunnan, and at the same time integrate the stories of the times such as the migration of Asian elephants to the north to present a refreshing new dance work.

The picture shows Yuan Zhiping participating in the 2023 "Spring Blossoms" China-India-Cambodia-Mongolia Spring Festival Gala.

Photo by Li Jiaxian

  This year's Spring Festival, Yuan Zhiping participated in the 2023 "Spring Blossoms" China-India-Cambodia-Mongolia Spring Festival Gala, presenting the story of "mutual redemption" between man and nature in the Hani myth.

He introduced that it is said that in ancient times, the white pheasant bird saved the Hani people who suffered from genocide, so the Hani people regard the white pheasant bird as a divine bird.

Every festival, the Hani compatriots pick palm leaves as fans, and imitate white pheasants dancing to express their reverence for nature and love for life.

  "We hope that through our dance, we can convey the concept of biodiversity protection, and at the same time display the traditional ethnic culture of Yunnan, and send good wishes for happiness, harmony, and spring blossoms to audiences at home and abroad." Yuan Zhiping said.