[Explanation] Recently, a number of catering companies and major shopping centers in Beijing have issued notices one after another, catering will no longer check negative nucleic acid test certificates for catering, and service consumption such as catering and retail in Beijing will gradually return to people's daily life.

On December 24, the reporter went to many shopping malls such as CapitaMall in Xizhimen, Xidan Joy City, and apm in Wangfujing, and saw queues in some restaurants.

The person in charge of the store told reporters that the passenger flow this weekend has rebounded significantly compared to before.

  [Concurrent] Wang Junyan, Service Director of Long Habitat

  Our passenger flow this week is much more than last week, and there are many more consumer groups for family dinners.

  [Concurrent] Wang Zhibo, manager of Din Tai Fung New Dongan store

  Judging from today, the number of customers in Wangfujing Pedestrian Street has increased significantly.

We have served about 120 guests since we opened at noon until now.

Compared with last week, this week has increased by about 40% (passenger flow).

  [Explanation] In order to ensure the safety of consumers' dining, the relevant persons in charge of many catering stores said that the catering stores have not relaxed in terms of epidemic prevention and employee health.

It not only achieves "one customer, one disinfection", but also requires employees to insist on morning checks before going to work, and they must meet the conditions for body temperature and antigens before they can start work.

  [Same period] Chen Jian, store manager of Haidilao Xizhimen Store

  We are still doing some anti-epidemic measures, such as things that customers come into direct contact with, such as aprons and dining tables, we have implemented "one customer, one disinfection (virus)".

Like our waiting area and some environments in the store, we will disinfect once or twice a day.

  [Concurrent] Wang Junyan, Service Director of Long Habitat

  We also disinfect the environment on time, and we also conduct morning inspections for employees, and we (require employees) to wear net caps and gloves, and then wash hands and disinfect, which is more reassuring.

  [Explanation] The relevant person in charge of a restaurant told reporters that in addition to the increase in customers entering the store, some dishes with heavy tastes have also been welcomed by many customers.

  [Concurrent] Wang Zhibo, manager of Din Tai Fung New Dongan store

  Because many (guests) are "Yangkang" and "Yangguo" may affect the whole taste, the guests will choose the taste that is heavier.

For example, our braised yellow croaker tofu, braised beef noodles, and Wugengchangwang are the dishes that customers order a little more.

  [Explanation] In addition to the continued rise in popularity of the catering industry, the passenger flow of retail stores has also increased significantly compared with last week.

  [Concurrent] Xidan Joy City Lego store manager Gu Xiaoyan

  Today, the flow of customers entering the store has increased significantly, and now there are about 600 people (entering the store).

For example, last week, we only had 50 or 60 customers who entered the store, and now it has increased tenfold.

  [Same period] Du Sheng, store manager of Xidan Joy City Tomato Pocket Store

  We started to resume our passenger flow on Thursday and Friday.

Based on the situation yesterday, it was about 40% (passenger flow recovery), and today (passenger flow recovery) can reach 70%.

  [Explanation] Some merchants said that the recovery of passenger flow has also boosted the confidence of enterprises and employees, and they are full of expectations for future performance growth.

  [Same period] Fu Dongyan, store manager of Uniqlo Xidan Joy City Store

  Of course I was very excited, because our store was also closed for a week.

After this weekend, I have resumed a normal work and life. I am very happy to see this state. Everyone has entered a state on the right track.

  [Same period] Chen Jian, store manager of Haidilao Xizhimen Store

  There are more customers coming. Seeing the customers eating so happily, we are actually happier than the customers in our hearts.

After the resumption of dine-in, it also brought us a lot of confidence.

  [Explanation] Many customers told reporters that today is the first time they have gone out shopping in a while, and they have made a shopping list early.

  [Concurrent] Ms. Yang

  It should be the first time (shopping) after the epidemic began, and it will take about a month or two.

Why do I suddenly feel that there are so many people, and I almost couldn't find a place in the underground parking lot just now.

The children are also very excited. They are very excited and happy to hear that they can drive out.

  [Concurrent] Ms. Zhong

  I should be in the first wave (antigen test positive), and I am looking forward to playing after I recover.

It was probably the first time I went shopping in a month, and I was very happy.

  Reported by Chi Hanyu from Beijing

Responsible editor: [Peng Dawei]