December 23, 2022

Matt Pokora is also a hairdresser

Matt Pokora is a man of many talents: rather gifted footballer, singer, of course, foodie, actor… but also hairdresser!

Alas, do not plan to make an appointment right away: his gift is reserved for Kenna, his son, as we can see in the Instagram Story of his wife, Christina Milian.

And the musician is skilful with the mower, passing it with precision over the skull of his little one.

“Kenna is going to have a new Christmas style,” the actress captioned.

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Emily Ratajkowski is looking for her “lady crush”

It flutters at the end of the year at Emily Ratajkowski!

The actress has… registered on a dating application where she is looking for a “Lady crush”!

The star made the revelation on the latest episode of her

High Low

podcast , saying she "drank a glass of wine" before launching the app.

“I said to myself “And then damn it”.

I felt cheeky, because so many people told me not to do it, ”she revealed, before explaining her problem.

“I feel like this app is a bit white.

She's a bit white and she's a very specific type of male and female, so I don't think I'm going to meet my female crush here,” she continues, without revealing the name of the app.

Since she filed for divorce from Sebastian Bearc-McClard, the father of her son, in September, Emily Ratajkowski has been loaned several links: Brad Pitt, Pete Davidson, DJ Orazio Rispo.

She didn't confirm any.


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