• A map, appearing to come from the government, is circulating on social networks and would show the areas which will be deprived of electricity in the event of a cut.

  • It does not come from the government, but from the program “C dans l'air”.

  • "This map is not a projection of power cuts, since, by definition, no one knows where any cuts will be", explains the editor of the program to "20 Minutes".

Cannes, Bordeaux, the north of Meurthe-et-Moselle, or even part of the Cher department… Here are some of the areas that would be impacted by possible power cuts this winter, according to a map circulating on social networks.

Ile-de-France, it seems spared, which leads some Internet users to wonder about this exception.

A source, indicated at the bottom of the map, gives it an official air: it would have been built from information provided by the “government spokesperson”, who is currently Olivier Véran.


There is no such map on the government website.

The government spokesperson confirms to

20 Minutes

that they have not published it.

This map is actually a screenshot of the show

C in the air


The card was broadcast there in the December 5 show, which was devoted to possible power cuts this winter.

We see her appear for a few seconds in the background, at the 17th minute, when the show is about school closures in the event of a power cut.

“This map is not a projection of power outages”

This map should not be understood as a map showing the areas that will be affected, explains to

20 Minutes

Joël Lefebvre, editor-in-chief of

C dans l'air

 : "It was intended to explain that no department will be affected in its entirety”.

“This map is not a projection of power cuts, since, by definition, no one knows where any cuts will be,” he adds.

Why did you source the card from the government spokesperson?

The team wanted to use the terms of Olivier Véran, who had spoken of power cuts similar to "leopard spots", underlines the editor-in-chief.

With this image, the government wants to emphasize that not all of France would be plunged into darkness during the two-hour cut-off: these will be “targeted by geographical area of ​​2,000 customers on average (households and professionals) supplied by the same electrical line, notes the government.fr website.

This corresponds to a district in town and up to several municipalities in rural areas.

» Several lines can be cut at the same time.

40% of French people should be spared these cuts, according to a government estimate given to AFP, because they have priority or are connected to a priority line.

Thus, hospitals, rescue centers, police stations or other strategic sites will be spared in the event of a plunge into darkness.

In the event of a blackout announcement, Enedis has set up a website, which will allow you to know the day before from 5 p.m. if you live or work in an area affected by the blackouts.


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