China News Agency, Nanchang, November 30th (Reporter Wang Xiujun, Li Yunhan) On November 30th, the second trial of the much-watched Lao Rongzhi case was publicly pronounced and the original sentence of death penalty was upheld.

  The Intermediate People's Court of Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province found the defendant Lao Rongzhi guilty of intentional homicide, robbery, and kidnapping in the first instance. He was punished for several crimes. He decided to execute the death penalty, deprive him of political rights for life, and confiscate all his personal property.

Image source: Official Weibo of Jiangxi Higher People's Court

  After the verdict was pronounced in the first instance, Lao Rongzhi appealed.

The Jiangxi Provincial Higher People's Court heard the case in public from August 18 to 20 this year.

The facts found in the second instance were consistent with those in the first instance.

The Jiangxi High Court held that in the joint crimes of intentional homicide, robbery, and kidnapping, Lao Rongzhi actively carried out activities such as scouting, deceiving, binding, guarding, and threatening victims, stepping on locations, withdrawing money, and purchasing crime tools. , constituting an accomplice with strong independence and obvious effect.

The two committed multiple crimes in many places for four years. There is no evidence to prove that Lao Rongzhi was mentally controlled and coerced by Faziying. Lao Rongzhi also played a major role in the joint crime and should be identified as the principal culprit according to law.

  The Jiangxi Higher Court held that the appellant Lao Rongzhi and Fa Ziying deliberately and illegally deprived others of their lives constituted the crime of intentional homicide; for the purpose of illegal possession, they used violence and threats to rob other people's property, which constituted the crime of robbery; kidnapping for the purpose of extorting property Others constitute the crime of kidnapping.

The several crimes committed by Lao Rongzhi should be punished in accordance with the law.

Lao Rongzhi and Fa Ziying deliberately killed five people; the robbery caused one death and it was a house robbery, and the amount of robbery was huge; the kidnapping caused one death. , socially harmful, should be severely punished according to law.

Image source: Official Weibo of Jiangxi Higher People's Court

  The Jiangxi Higher Court also held that Lao Rongzhi and his defense lawyers mentioned that Lao Rongzhi did not constitute the crime of intentional homicide, but was an accomplice and coercion. not accepted.

The facts identified in the first-instance judgment were clear, the evidence was reliable and sufficient, the conviction was accurate, and the sentence was appropriate.

The trial procedure is legal.

The ruling dismissed the appeal and upheld the original judgment, and the death penalty ruling on Lao Rongzhi was submitted to the Supreme People's Court for approval in accordance with the law.

  Relatives of both parties attended the sentencing that day.

Xiong Gang, the uncle of Xiong Qiyi, the victim of the Nanchang case, told a reporter from China News Agency: "Lao Rongzhi's defense is feeble, justice will not be absent, and she deserved to uphold the original sentence."

  Lao Rongzhi's second brother, Lao Shengqiao, was very emotional after hearing the verdict, and said that he would continue to hire a lawyer to appeal for Lao Rongzhi.