Lopburi, a small town in central Thailand, ushered in the annual "Monkey Festival" on November 27 local time, and arranged fruits and other delicacies for the many monkeys in the city to enjoy a "buffet".

  In the morning, the volunteers placed all kinds of vegetables and fruits near a local temple for the wild macaques there to eat.

Many monkeys gathered around the food, took their own fruits and vegetables, and enjoyed them to their heart's content, attracting pedestrians and tourists to watch and take pictures.

  Lopburi is located 150 kilometers north of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. There are many wild macaques living in this temple in the city center, which has become a local scene.

In recent years, the "Monkey Festival" has been held in the local area every November, providing monkeys with a "buffet" of fruits and vegetables.

  Rongyu Jivathanusong, one of the funders of the event, said that the monkey banquet had successfully promoted tourism.

He said that Lopburi is known as the "Monkey City". The local monkeys live in harmony with people. There were only more than 300 monkeys in the past, but now there are nearly 4,000.

(produced by Wang Xiaoting)

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]