Marc Boutavant, winner of the Grande Ourse at the Youth Book Fair

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The Youth Book and Press Fair will take place from November 30 to December 5, 2022 in Montreuil, in Seine-Saint-Denis.


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Akissi, Mortelle Adèle, Tom Tom and Nana... The superstar heroes of children's books have an appointment, as every year, at the largest children's book fair in France, in Montreuil, in the Paris region.

This year, it is the illustrator Marc Boutavant who receives the Grande Ourse, the “Goncourt” of the youth edition, for all of his work.


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It is in Montreuil, this city of Seine-Saint-Denis, that the Book and Youth Press Fair has been held for 38 years.

More than 400 exhibitors and 250 authors are expected from this Wednesday, November 30 and until next Monday to bring literature and the press for young readers to life.

carry childhood

The Ariol donkey, the Chien Pourri mutt or the Edmond squirrel... The success of the bestiary drawn by Marc Boutavant for various screenwriters naturally designated him for the most prestigious prize at the Salon.

All these characters are characters that children know and love,

" explains Sylvie Vassallo, director of the Book Fair and Youth Edition.

We wanted to mark this capacity of this author-illustrator to bring childhood with exceptional images, always sensitive, soft, mischievous.


"I feel like I've grown up well"

Generally in the shadow of the authors whose stories he illustrates, Marc Boutavant, born in 1970 in Dijon, accepts the honor with pleasure and humility: " 

The children of Montreuil saw me arrive with Mouk, the little teddy bear who world Tour.

And there, hop, the Big Dipper!

I feel like I've grown up well.


Like every year, the author will meet his young readers in Montreuil for dedications: “ 

I put a lot of energy into every minute I spend with them, but they give it back to me so much that the energy circulates.

I love that.

And there are lots of stories with children who come back to see me every year, who give me little gifts, who want me to recognize them – and I recognize them.


The special bond with readers is one of the magic of youth publishing highlighted at the Salon de Montreuil.


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