When Angelina Jolie abruptly filed for divorce from Brad Pitt six years ago, there was much speculation as to why.

The movie stars had long been considered Hollywood's flagship couple.

Whether at appearances on the red carpet, award ceremonies or paparazzi photos with the six children - Brangelina, as the two were called by fans and in gossip sheets, not only made a beautiful figure, but also showed up as a model of marital harmony.

That ended in September 2016.

Jolie filed for divorce after an unspecified "incident" aboard a private jet en route from southern France to Los Angeles.

In a villa in Malibu she is said to have set up a kind of operations center, the "War Room", with Hollywood's most snappy divorce lawyer Laura Wasser - for the fight for money, children and reputation.

In the weeks that followed, rumors about Pitt's alcohol consumption on board, fisticuffs and investigations by the youth welfare office spread.

Some also took a stand, like Melissa Etheridge.

"It breaks my heart that someone would target something as personal as marriage, relationship and the right to one's children," the singer, a friend of Pitt's prior to the Brangelina era, shot at Jolie in an interview.

A few days later, Etheridge received a call from Judy Smith.

The lawyer, former press secretary for US President George HW Bush and Jolie's crisis manager, warned her not to comment further publicly on the actors' War of the Roses.

Etheridge returned the favor with a new title, the "Fixer Blues".

"My opinion is mine.

You, Fixer, hopefully understand that."

An anonymous ad

Six years later, Jolie has become rather lonely.

Smith, who is doing well as a cleaner in Hollywood and Washington, is said to have long since broken away from the Oscar winner.

Water has also parted ways with Jolie.

As the Californian divorce lawyer told the FAZ, she couldn't get used to the actress' aggressive style.

In the meantime, Jolie is controlling the mudslinging against Pitt herself. A few weeks ago, various American media outlets received excerpts from the reports taken by the American Federal Police (FBI) six years ago after the "incident" on board the private jet.

Jolie said Pitt grabbed her head and shoulders and shook her on the plane.

During the fisticuffs, the fifty-eight-year-old is said to have accused his then-wife of destroying “this damn family”.

Pitt then allegedly doused the actress in beer as she tried to calm the crying children.

According to investigations, the FBI had waived Pitt's arrest at the time.

The federal prosecutor's office declined to charge him.

Apparently Jolie doesn't want to be satisfied with that.

As the Puck website now found out, in April she filed an anonymous complaint demanding the disclosure of all FBI investigation files into the Pitt case.

“Both parties had had the documents for almost six years.

This step has only one reason: it is a publicity stunt with the intention