be with them

Amal El Minshawi


October 06, 2022

Time digs its lines on their foreheads, in pursuit, patience and pain, lines deep in pain, as if it were the title of a journey that was never easy.. Destiny relentlessly strikes their safety and their sense of pride and family by parting with their loved ones and companions on their path.

Weakness strikes the strings of their hearts and souls before their feet, so they search for a place of rest in a well-known deed that they presented in advance in the old days, perhaps interceding for them to cure a disease or answer a prayer.

Their interest in life and people declines, and their connection to the narrow place they are accustomed to around them increases until they memorize its details, even if their eyesight betrays them.

Phone rings become a lonely person on lonely nights, and asking across distances is enough to bring happiness to the soul, and draw a smile, even if it comes with a bitter taste.

They wait for the visit of the relative and the traveler, to return to his arrival to the warmth of friendship, and the clamor of conversations that extend all night until dawn, and strength runs in their veins, and they ignore their pain to prepare tables full of delicious food for everyone whose taste is stuck in memory before throat.

They like to keep their homes open in generosity and hospitality to strangers and relatives, so that they feel that their lives have meaning and an unfinished role.

Their hands tremble, they fear loneliness, they expect righteousness and love in words and actions, and they await help and support, even if their pride prevents them from revealing their request.

The ropes of their connection with God Almighty extend, so we find His light in their faces, in prayer, standing, and reliance on Him alone without creation.

They realize the reality of the world, so they despise its joys, and they do not care about anything except for its actions in its people, and lessons of wisdom and learning from its fluctuations.

They are the elderly, fathers and mothers, the blessing of homes, their luminous lamps, and the supplications that open the gates of heaven. They are more harmed by estrangement and strife than by diseases of old age and old age. They are waiting for moral giving before material ones, and they hope to reap what they have labored for and planted in us when we were young.

The elderly see their children as their strength, protection and security, so betrayal and neglect kills them, and their hearts bleed.

Societies’ values ​​have changed a lot, but religion and the commands of God Almighty remain our first line of protection from disobedience that inherits disease and poverty, and strips mercy from the heart.

Kindness to parents, their affection and humiliation, especially in their old age and illness, is worship and obedience to those who understand it, and a divine command came immediately after the command to worship God alone, because of their greatness in the life of each of us.

So be with them, and let us all realize that the days are spinning fast, and there is definitely a time not long ago when we will exchange seats and roles in life, and our choices today are what we will be in the near future.

They are the blessing of homes, their luminous lamps, and the supplications for which the gates of heaven are opened, estrangement and strife harm them more than the diseases of a lifetime.


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