Contemporary creations and installations indoors and outdoors

In one evening in Dubai .. 12 art exhibitions illuminate Alserkal

  • “Between the Dune Lines” .. The title of Azza Al Qubaisi exhibition.

    Photography: Ashok Verma


Through a series of contemporary art exhibitions and installation works, during one evening, the activities of the new artistic season began at Alserkal Avenue in Dubai, with 12 exhibitions inside the art galleries, in addition to a group of installation works in the open air.

The exhibitions varied between painting, sculpture, photography and video art, and the artworks composed of non-fungible symbols (NFT) were not absent from the scene in the season that started under the title "Alserkal Lets".

Emirati artist Azza Al Qubaisi, who presents her work at the "Laila Heller Gallery", through an exhibition entitled "Between the Dune Lines", told "Emirates Today": "I deal with the works that I present in the way of jewelry, as they can be touched or rubbed by people, Taking into account the principle of mass and emptiness, and how it affects the recipient.

She added that she embodies many topics in the sculptures, including the sculpture that takes the shape of a heart that can be moved and manipulated, and symbolizes the concept of unstable and changing love, pointing out that the sculpture was an outlet for her to express her feelings, in addition to that she always seeks to present her pieces of jewelry. as art.

And she continued: “When I started with jewelry, some would classify it as not art, as they set the boundaries, and see the piece based on the medium used, and this made me look for other media that present my ideas, and go beyond all the frameworks set by the audience, so I inserted sand and valuable materials in the sculptures. Small in size at first, then huge, which made the imagination grow and grow, just as the child grows,” as she put it.

"When the Earth was"

As for the Emirati artist, Sarah Al Muhairi, whose work is exhibited in Gallery “Carbon 12” under the title “When the Earth Was”;

She said, "I make my diaries when I walk and when I meditate on things, so I put sculptures on the ground, works on paper and huge paintings, which I can say is the first time that I do works of this size."

She pointed out that the colors in the paintings seem to be in motion, as they embody moments that cannot be repeated, but the only movement that remains in motion in the work is how the recipient interacts with him, as well as how the works are placed together in a way that creates a special awareness among the viewer about his steps, and his breathing. And the space between the works, and then begins to find the links between them.

Sarah added that she is very interested in compositional forms, so she puts them in her works, in addition to including some figures in the paintings, noting that the sculptures are an extension of the paintings.

«Beautiful Journey»

Exhibitions include Iraqi-American artist Michael Rakowitz's first solo exhibition at Green Art Gallery, presenting his years-long project "The Invisible Enemy Must Not Exist", which focuses on threatened, destroyed, and lost cultural heritage.

Meanwhile, the “Third Line” gallery opened a solo exhibition by Youssef Nabil entitled “The Beautiful Journey”, which includes a selection of his works dating back between 2016 and the present, including images of cinematic scenes and imagined self-portraits, in addition to the regional premiere of his fourth film, entitled the exhibition itself.

He also displayed artworks composed of non-fungible symbols (NFT), in cooperation with "Moro Collective" in "A4 space", where 12 new works were presented, looking at various topics between nature, fertility, growth, myths and transformation.

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Ongoing support

The founder of "Al Serkal Avenue", Abdel Moneim Al Serkal, told "Emirates Today": "After more than 10 years since our launch, we can say that we have succeeded in communicating with artists, and the development of the institution appears through major events."

He pointed out that the Foundation offers public programs, hosts resident artists, and organizes three courses each year, each of which witnesses the participation of four to six creators, in addition to courses whose mission is to provide support for artistic research in particular.

Regarding the Emirati artist's share of the strategy in which Al Serkal supports artists, he noted the existence of a course dedicated to Emirati and Gulf creators.

The tree is made of another substance

A group of outdoor installations were presented at Al Serkal, including the work of "The Tree" by Belgian artist Anno Rivera, which he executed using stainless steel, in an attempt to link the artwork with nature.

He also presented the audio-visual installation work of Moamen Sweitat in "The Yard".

In 2018, the artist, archivist, and collector of valuables discovered the first black and white educational documentary film about the Middle East, dating back to 1955, and worked on digitizing the material for this film, for the first time, within the “Megaz” project, a research recording platform dedicated to the digitization of history. Arabic audio and video and memorize it. 

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