Thanks to 30 kg of mustard seeds brought from Ukraine by a baker from Marnay-sur-Seine (Aube), who goes there regularly to help refugees and combatants, a mustard producer located in Melz-sur-Seine (Seine-et-Marne) will produce around 450 jars.


La République de Seine-et-Marne

reported this Sunday, the proceeds from the sale of this mustard must make it possible to prepare dehydrated nutritional portions.

These will be sent to Ukrainian soldiers who do not have access to army canteens.

150 kg of flour

These jars of mustard will be sold for 10 euros in the bakery of this humanitarian volunteer, on the market in Nogent-sur-Seine (Aube) and in an association that offers local products.

During her last trip to Ukraine, the baker from Marnay-sur-Seine also brought back 150 kg of flour.

With this, she plans to prepare various products that will be sold in her bakery and whose profits will also make it possible to make food portions for Ukrainian soldiers.


How does the only mustard producer in Alsace continue its production despite the world shortage of seeds?


Consumption: At the height of the shortage, producers hope "the return of mustard to the shelves in November"

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