China News Service, August 10. According to the WeChat public account of the Propaganda Department of the Ali District Committee of Tibet, the Office of the Leading Group for the Prevention and Control of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic in Ali District issued an announcement on the 10th. It is necessary not to flow.

The announcement will be implemented from August 11, 2022, and will be tentatively implemented for 3 days.

  The details of the announcement are as follows:

  1. Strictly implement the "Quartet Responsibilities", each county must implement the territorial responsibility, the industry competent department must implement the supervisory responsibility, each unit must implement the main responsibility, and individuals and families must consciously fulfill their prevention and control obligations.

  2. Strictly control the gathering of people. Except for epidemic prevention-related conferences, large-scale conferences and other activities will not be held in the whole region for the time being; offline training of various off-campus training institutions is suspended; religious activity venues are temporarily closed; nursing homes, welfare institutions, etc. are closed for management; catering The unit does not undertake banquet activities, but encourages self-pick-up at the store, takeaway orders, and contactless delivery services; don't do it".

  3. To ensure market supply, shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, farmers (markets) markets and other business places can shorten their business hours, implement epidemic prevention and control measures, and stop promotions and other gatherings of people.

  4. Water bars, KTVs, Langma halls, theaters, Internet cafes, gyms, teahouses, chess and card rooms, sweet teahouses, bathing places and other space-closed entertainment venues and museums, cultural centers, libraries, indoor sports venues and other public cultural and sports activities The venue is closed.

  5. Persons with "ten symptoms" such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, decreased sense of smell (taste), nasal congestion, runny nose, conjunctivitis, myalgia and diarrhea should take personal protection and go to the nearest fever immediately. Outpatient consultation; medical institutions strengthen the prevention and control of nosocomial infections, strictly manage fever clinics, all types of clinics are prohibited from receiving fever patients, and retail pharmacies strictly implement the management measures of "four types of drugs" such as antipyretics, cough medicines, antibiotics, and antiviruses; clinics . Pharmacies should take the initiative to guide fever patients to go to the nearest fever clinic for treatment.

  6. The general public and tourists and friends should keep in mind the "three-piece set" of epidemic prevention (wearing a mask, maintaining a one-meter social distance, and doing good personal hygiene), and doing a good job of "five requirements" (the mask should continue to be worn, the social distance should be kept, Cover coughs and sneezes, wash your hands frequently, and keep windows open as much as possible), wear masks in a scientific and standardized manner in crowded indoor places, public transportation, and crowded open spaces, maintain social distance, and do not gather or get together. , Pay attention to personal hygiene, wash hands frequently, and ventilate more.

  7. All counties continue to carry out regional nucleic acid testing for all employees, strictly implement various measures for normalized epidemic prevention and control, and invite the general public and tourists to take the initiative to receive nucleic acid testing at the nearest nucleic acid testing point.

  8. Static management is implemented in the whole area of ​​Ali, and it is advocated that the general public and tourists should not flow unless necessary.

  This announcement will be implemented from August 11, 2022, and is tentatively implemented for 3 days. The follow-up will be dynamically adjusted according to the progress of the epidemic and the needs of prevention and control.