[Commentary] Recently, a 21-year-old girl named Chen from Shapingba District, Chongqing passed away unfortunately due to a sudden cerebral hemorrhage. Her family decided to donate her organs to save more lives.

  [Explanation] In June this year, Chen received an admission notice from Chongqing Jiaotong University for graduate students.

On the evening of August 2, when she was eating, she suddenly had an unbearable headache. Her family immediately sent her to Southwest Hospital of Army Medical University for treatment.

The hospital immediately organized a multidisciplinary consultation, and through perfect examination, it was found that the patient had brainstem hemorrhage.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Yonghui, deputy director of the Department of Critical Care Medicine, Southwest Hospital of Army Medical University

  She had a brain stem hemorrhage, and the amount of bleeding was very large, and herniation occurred quickly, so the condition at that time was very dangerous, and there was a risk of death at any time.

  [Explanation] Due to the large amount of bleeding and the rapid development of the disease, Chen finally failed to survive.

  [Concurrent] Chen's father, Chen Xiaoyong

  When she was studying, she was too tired to go out to play. After her (undergraduate) studies were completed, I was planning to go to Guiyang this Saturday and take her to play.

  [Explanation] The unfinished graduation trip became a permanent regret in the father's heart. In addition to grief, the father proposed to donate his daughter's useful organs, which was unanimously agreed by the family.

  [Concurrent] Chen's father, Chen Xiaoyong

  I also hope that after organ donation, her life will continue in this world and more people will care for her.

  [Explanation] After learning about the wishes of the family, the hospital made it clear that Chen had reached the standard of brain death and met the donation requirements through clinical evaluation and electrophysiological evaluation.

With the joint efforts of the Chongqing Red Cross Society and the hospital, Chen completed the donation at the Southwest Hospital of the Army Military Medical University, which is also the 100th human organ donation in Chongqing in 2022.

  [Concurrent] Gui Jiashuai, a staff member of the Chongqing Red Cross Organ Donation Management Center

  She successfully donated a liver, two kidneys and a lung, which can successfully save the lives of 4 patients with organ failure.

  [Commentary] Brother Chen said that his sister's biggest wish is to go outside and take a look after graduation.

The donation of human organs also allows my sister's life to continue and bloom in another form.

  Reported by Jia Nan and Li Peng in Chongqing

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]