Elisabeth Borne announced Wednesday in an interview with "Elle" that she had seized the National Consultative Ethics Committee (CCNE) for clarification on the notion of consent during gynecological examinations, after an investigation aimed at a member of her government on this subject.

Secretary of State for Development Chrysoula Zacharopoulou, a gynecologist by profession, a recognized specialist in endometriosis, is the subject of an investigation after two complaints for rape and a third for "violence" filed in recent weeks.

" Treat the subject "

Without commenting "on this specific case", the Prime Minister affirms that it is necessary "to deal with the subject" when there are "women who emerge from medical examinations having suffered and with the feeling of not having been respected". .

“But I also hear a certain number of doctors who have expressed themselves to say that we had to be careful with the words used, in particular the term rape”, adds Elisabeth Borne, who judges “very important, when there are intrusive examinations, to take the time to obtain consent”.

Entry by CCNE

The head of government therefore seized, in a letter dated Monday, the CCNE, for she wrote, to have "an in-depth reflection on the concept of consent in the specific context of gynecological examinations", specified those around her.

“These recommendations”, expected in the fall, “should make it possible to better guide professionals in the exercise of their mission, while meeting the expectations and legitimate concern of patients as to respect for their will and their integrity”, adds Elisabeth Borne.

In Elle magazine, the Prime Minister points out that the case of Ms. Zacharopoulou, who remained in government, and that of Damien Abad, ousted, who is also under investigation for attempted rape, are " two different subjects ".

In the case of Damien Abad, "there is a duty to set an example", justifies Elisabeth Borne in Elle.

“Politicians or officials are not simply expected not to be criminally reprehensible.

We expect them to be exemplary”.


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