China News Service, Beijing, July 5th. Recently, the epidemic situation in Si County, Anhui Province has become the focus of the country. In nine days, the number of infected people in this county in northern Anhui has exceeded 1,000. Currently, among more than 170 high-risk areas across the country, The county accounts for 103.

A few days ago, Anhui has requested that the entire province be used to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control in Si County.

Thousands of infected people, hundreds of high-risk areas in small counties

  On the 4th, there were 52 new confirmed cases and 179 asymptomatic infections in Anhui Province. The epidemic data still accounted for the vast majority of the newly infected people in the 31 provinces that day.

In Si County alone, there were as many as 216 new confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections that day. Among the 52 confirmed cases, there was also one "severe" case.

  The current round of the epidemic in Sixian County, Anhui Province was first reported on June 26. On the same day, the county notified that asymptomatic infections were found in the nucleic acid test of key populations.

  From June 26 to July 4, the epidemic data in Si County rose rapidly, with 3 new infections on June 26, 3 new infections on June 27, and 13 new cases on June 28. Infected persons, 13 new cases of infection on June 29, 104 new cases of infection on June 30, 134 new cases of infection on July 1, 288 new cases of infection on July 2, July 3 There were 256 new cases per day and 216 new cases on July 4.

Among them, 9 of the confirmed cases on the 3rd and 4th were confirmed cases from reported asymptomatic infections.

  In 9 days, the number of infections in this county with a population of nearly one million exceeded 1,000.

According to the latest statistics from the client of the State Council, as of 10:00 on July 5, there were 179 high-risk areas in the country, of which 103 were high-risk areas in Sixian, and 12 of the 75 medium-risk areas in the country were in Sixian. indivual.

  On June 29, Si County announced the county-wide closure and control measures, implementing static management, and people staying at home. On July 1, Anhui Lingbi County, adjacent to Si County, also implemented stay-at-home control throughout the county. measure.

Recently, the working group of the National Health Commission has arrived in Si County to guide the epidemic prevention and control on the spot.

Epidemic curve, social positivity shows a downward trend

  On the evening of July 3, Zheng Shajie, Secretary of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee, requested in Si County to race against time and make fast, so as to achieve fast screening, fast flow adjustment, fast tracking of the sun, fast investigation, fast transportation, fast isolation, fast diagnosis and treatment , Report quickly, block the chain of transmission, and treat patients with all-out efforts to achieve zero social status, zero deaths, and no spillover within a week.

  On the 4th, Suzhou City, Anhui Province, where Sixian County is located, issued the "Order on Carrying Out the 6.26 New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control 'Big Check, Big Clearing, Big Service, Big Improvement' Action".

According to the arrangement, on July 4th, 5th, and 6th, Suzhou will carry out three rounds of large-scale investigations to comprehensively check the missed personnel such as nucleic acid collection, the people in difficulty and the shortcomings of work, so as to ensure that the society will be cleared within three days.

  From the latest data observation, at present, among the newly infected people in Si County, there are still infected people who have been found from the nucleic acid test of risk personnel.

For example, on the 4th, among the 216 newly infected people in Si County, 179 cases were found in the inspection of personnel under centralized isolation and observation, 23 cases were found in the inspection of personnel under home isolation observation, and 14 cases were found in nucleic acid screening in medium and high-risk areas. Find.

  According to the news conference held in Suzhou City on the evening of the 4th, the social positives detected in the previous 6 rounds of regional nucleic acid screening in Si County have shown a downward trend, with 68 cases, 145 cases, 105 cases, 45 cases, and 20 cases, respectively. cases and 14 cases.

  On the afternoon of the 5th, Si County will carry out the eighth round of nucleic acid testing in the whole county. For people in high-risk areas, one household and one tube will be implemented.

Taking the strength of the whole province, how to fight this battle in Si County?

  In the past few days, the sudden increase of the epidemic situation in Sixian County has caused the national epidemic situation data, which has been adding double digits in a single day for many days, to rise again, and the epidemic situation has also spilled over to many places in Anhui and Jiangsu.

  On the 3rd, Zheng Shajie, Secretary of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee, requested that the whole province be used to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control in Si County. Among them, special requirements were to coordinate the strength of the whole province, comprehensively sort out the supply and demand list, and rationally allocate quarantined housing. Nucleic acid testing, diagnosis and treatment and other resources have further mobilized the province's strength to make up for the shortcomings that the action is not fast enough.

  According to public information, at present, Hefei, Lu'an, Chuzhou, Fuyang, Bozhou, Bengbu, Huainan, Anqing, Wuhu, Ma'anshan and other cities in Anhui have sent sampling personnel to support testing vehicles and shelters.

  The number of infected people has increased sharply, and the supply of isolation facilities has also attracted considerable attention. A press conference in Suzhou City held on the evening of the 3rd revealed that Anhui Province has coordinated 33,791 isolation rooms, including 5,987 in the city and 27,804 outside the city.

A total of 22,692 close contacts, sub-close contacts and key groups were transferred and quarantined.

  On the 4th, Suzhou City required all in-service party members, cadres and public officials (except those on quarantine and maternity leave) to report to the community where they live without contact before the morning of July 5th, and participate in the epidemic prevention and control work nearby.

In particular, in-service party members, cadres, and public officials in Si County and Lingbi County must report immediately and start work quickly.

  Previously, Si County decided to implement the management system of "community leader", "building leader" and "unit leader" for epidemic prevention and control. Work units; those who shirk the blame for their work and perform their duties vacantly, and bring a passive situation to the overall work, will be held accountable in accordance with relevant regulations and procedures.