Like any good hipster reader and reader of

20 Minutes

that you are (and we love you for that), you read

Sur la route

de Kerouac at 15, with the promise of going on an adventure somewhere on a road infinite.

In the end, it was above all love that fell on you on the road to vacation, whether on a motorway rest area, because of a classic out of gas, in traffic jams or thanks to a Blablacar.

An incongruous encounter, for an evening, a month or a lifetime, and which marked one of your summers.

How did this meeting on the road go?

Where did it take place?

Did your story start right away or when you got back?

Did it last?

Tell us !


Disability: "Every summer, it's "Indiana Jones""... The hassle of visually impaired people to go on vacation


Marseille: "For the holidays, it's screwed up", the hassle of renewing passports and identity cards as summer approaches

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