If Dakota Johnson became a world star thanks to the

50 Shades

trilogy , the filming was epic to say the least.

And it was not the intimate scenes with Jamie Dornan that gave the actress a hard time, but the atmosphere on the set.

"If I had known at the time that it would be like this, I don't think anyone would have wanted to do it," she summed up with

Vanity Fair


In question ?

The choices of the author who confronted those of the directors, Sam Taylor-Johnson for the first and James Foley for the other two.

Indeed, according to the interpreter of Anastasia Steele, EL James had “great creative control” and wanted to impose his vision.

"Some parts of the book just don't work in a movie, like the interior monologue, which was, at times, incredibly silly," the actress explains.

A bad for a good

Dakota Johnson explains that it was "a daily battle" and that the cast and the directors had to circumvent the directives of the author, who rejected the scripts.

The star thus added “the night before” a few lines of dialogue which had been refused “to make the film we wanted”.

Nevertheless, she has “no regrets”.

While calling the filming "psychotic" for these reasons, Dakota Johnson described EL James as "a very nice woman, who has always been nice to me and I am grateful to her for having wanted me in these films".

An “experience full of contradictions”, as

Vanity Fair

notes , but which has been “brilliant for our careers”, replies Dakota Johnson.


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