Waist-mounted fan, mask fan... Summer cooling artifact debuts

  The installation-free refrigeration and air-conditioning fan sprays out water-cooled ice mist, the small neck-mounted fan and the waist-mounted small fan blow all over the body, and the water-cooled mattress makes summer nights cool... In the hot summer, the new cooling artifact is on the scene.

  The hottest month of the year has arrived.

The temperature in all parts of the country has exceeded 30 ℃, and the temperature in some areas has even reached above 40 ℃, and you will sweat profusely after a few steps out.

Small hanging neck fans and hand-held small fans have become good things for cooling in summer in recent years because of their portability, and this year, there are new "upgraded" new products.

  For dormitories or rented houses without air conditioning, electric fans and air circulation fans have become "just-needed".

The portable and storable ceiling fan is more flexible. Its shape is similar to the traditional ceiling fan. It can provide a soft and soft natural wind when it is hung on the top of the head.

The double blades can concentrate the airflow more concentratedly, and the airflow is large and quiet at the same time.

In addition to the choice of wind size, it can also be remotely controlled by infrared remote control, which can be turned on and off at any time.

The battery life of up to one day can not only meet daily needs, but also meet the use of a whole day when camping.

  The waist-mounted small fan designed for high temperature workers has been upgraded this year. The design of dual air outlets is more powerful, and the large-capacity battery can provide long-term battery life. When in use, it is hung under the waist and clothes, and the air outlet faces into the clothes to provide strong air supply. Cools the body quickly.

It is more suitable for outdoor operations, takeaway delivery, logistics handling and indoor operations that cannot install air conditioners, as well as outdoor sports enthusiasts such as fishing and mountaineering.

  The desktop cooling air-conditioning fan can be used as an ordinary fan, or it can be used with ice water to blow out ice mist to quickly cool down.

When in use, the refrigerated mineral water bottle can be installed on the machine, or ice cubes can be added directly to the machine.

After testing, when the room temperature is 36°C, the fan can drop directly from 1°C to 3°C, add water to drop from 3°C to 7°C, and add ice water to drop from 7°C to 12°C.

  The water-cooled mattress makes it more comfortable for those who like to use the cool mat.

When in use, just add water to the circulating water return device outside the mattress body. It can not only provide the coolness of the water circulation to the mattress, but also a water cooling fan itself, bringing users a double "cooling" experience.

According to buyer feedback, it feels like the mattress "takes the body heat away in bursts, and it's never too hot to fall asleep again."

  Does a mask fan improve the stuffy feeling when wearing a mask?

This year's new mask fan has been improved in terms of shape, motor, and weight.

Its 3D shape is suitable for all face shapes and masks, creating a "breathing chamber", which supports the mask in three dimensions, so that the makeup on the face will not fall off; the brushless motor design speeds up the mask to filter the air and keeps the air inside the mask fresh; the air duct design allows the front window Speed ​​up the air intake, and the left independent air duct supplies air, effectively avoiding virus invasion; its battery life can reach 6 hours, which basically meets the needs of a day's outdoor travel.

  Text / Our reporter Chen Si