“A conversation reminiscent of the Mansoura girl’s crime”...new details about the murder of a university student in Jordan

Activists circulated on social networking sites in Jordan, a picture of a conversation that preceded the perpetrator's execution of the murder of a girl in a private Jordanian university north of the capital, Amman. He vowed to kill the girl, as happened with the student of Mansoura University in Egypt.

According to the circulated conversation, the day before I did it, the perpetrator vowed on one of the platforms to go to the university and kill the girl, if she did not respond by talking to him.

Eyewitnesses told Roya News website that a private university north of the capital, Amman, is witnessing a heavy security presence, after the killing of a student at the hands of a person on Thursday afternoon.

A person had fired shots at a girl inside a private university north of the capital, according to a Public Security statement.

The statement said that the accident resulted in her being injured and she was taken to hospital in a bad condition, adding that the perpetrator fled and investigations were launched to determine his identity and arrest him.

Subsequent to the incident, the Public Security Directorate announced that the girl had died of her injuries, and the investigation is still ongoing.

The Applied Science Private University mourned the student who died at the hands of a person in the vicinity of the university.

The university said in a statement on Facebook: With hearts wracked by pain and believing in God's will and destiny, the Applied Sciences Private University mourns its student from the College of Nursing.. It extends its sincere condolences and condolences to the family of the university, asking God Almighty to bless her with his vast mercy.

"The university pledged to prosecute everyone who caused this painful incident so that he receives just retribution for his heinous crime."

It is noteworthy that last Monday, the Egyptian city of Mansoura, a tragic accident that shook the Egyptian and Arab public opinion, as the passers-by in front of Mansoura University were surprised by the feet of a young man who stabbed a female student several times in different parts of her body, and then slaughtered her from the neck.

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