Liu Ximeng, a student of Harbin Normal University, was born in 2001 in Zhaoyuan County, Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province.

Her mother suffered from rheumatoid disease for more than 30 years and could not take care of herself. Since she was 3 years old, she became independent early, doing laundry and cooking, haircut and massage for her mother, and took on the burden of the family with her weak body.

After embarking on the road of studying, she resolutely chose to "carry" her mother to go to school, from elementary school to junior high school, from high school to university, for 19 years.

Recently, the reporter Yu Liu Ximeng met the mother and daughter in a rented house off-campus and asked them to tell their stories.

(Reported by Li Jiangming and Liu Sha in Harbin, Heilongjiang)

Responsible editor: [He Sanli]