Omar Sy is definitely in high demand!

Not just as an actor, but also as a producer.

The Intouchables


, who had already signed with Netflix last October to develop programs, seems to have a lot of ideas since he has signed a contract with the competition, HBO Max!

The actor concluded what Hollywood calls a "First Look Deal", which means that he agrees to propose, in the first place, to HBO his projects.

“I am very happy to partner with HBO Max, which shares my dream of developing content that appeals to audiences around the world, especially in French-speaking Africa, France and the United States,” the star said on Instagram. reposting several articles from the Anglo-Saxon press that relayed the news.

Everything works for him

Omar Sy was recently at the Cannes Film Festival to present

Les Tirailleurs

, his new film, produced through his company Korokoro.

“Omar Sy is one of the great talents of our time and it has been thrilling to see his stardom take on global proportions after having had a successful acting career in his native France.

We are honored to partner with Omar and look forward to accomplishing things together in the years to come as HBO Max continues to expand globally,” wrote Sarah Aubrey, Chief Content Officer, HBO Max.

We obviously do not know the amount of this new agreement.

The actor continues to collaborate with Netflix anyway, since after the box of the first two seasons of


, he is already at work on the third.

He is also on the bill of

Loin du Périph

, where he plays alongside Laurent Lafitte.

Movie theater

“Far from the ring road”: Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte find themselves on Netflix for the sequel to “On the other side of the ring road”

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