It has been 25 years since the boy who was in the sixth grade of elementary school was killed by a 14-year-old boy in the child murder case that occurred in Kobe City in 1997.

Every year, the letter that the ex-boy sent to the bereaved family was cut off at the end of five years ago, and the boy's father is asking him to write a letter in the face of his sins.

In a series of child murders in Suma Ward, Kobe City in 1997, Jun Toshi (11 at the time), a sixth grader, was killed by a 14-year-old boy at the time.

As 25 years have passed since the incident, his father, Mamoru Toshi (66), responded to an interview with NHK.

"I will never forget my child. I spend my time remembering my love for my child and how I was doing well," he said.

Every year, a letter was sent to Mr. Toshi from the perpetrator's ex-boy before the anniversary of Jun-kun's death, but it wasn't even five years ago.

Mr. Toshi said, "I would like an answer as to why our child had to be killed by him. I hope he will respond properly to it," said the former boy. He asked me to write a letter saying that I needed to confront the sins I had committed and derive the truth.

On top of that, he said, "I think that what the victim's bereaved family thinks is" compensation "is" compensation. "It is important to continue to make compensation so that the perpetrator feels that the victim's bereaved family has" compensation. " Said.

Full text of father's comment

As 25 years have passed since the incident, Mamoru Toshi (66) commented on the media companies.

The full comment is as follows:

May 24th of this year is the 25th anniversary of the death of our second son, Atsushi.

I think the last 25 years have really passed like a storm for us.

However, I feel that my feelings for children will not change over the years.

I haven't received a letter from the perpetrator this year either.

As I've always said, we continue to seek convincing answers as to why our second son had to be killed.

He believes he has a duty to answer our questions.

We can't take any action against him, but he wants to sue through the press.

The "National Crime Victims Association" has significantly improved the environment surrounding crime victims through 18 years of activities.

Many laws and measures have been enacted, such as the enactment of the Basic Law for Crime Victims, the Victim Participation System, the revision of the Criminal Procedure Law including compensation orders, and the abolition of the statute of limitations in murder cases. It was disbanded four years ago due to such reasons.

However, Okamura, who was the representative secretary, felt angry that no improvement was seen in economic compensation, especially compared to four years ago, and wanted to make it his last job. The "New Tomorrow's Association" was established with the help of people.

I think it is difficult to carry out the same energetic activities as before, but I would like to work with Okamura and other members to improve the crime victim problem.

May 24, 4th year of Reiwa