China News Agency, Shijiazhuang, May 23rd: From "New Tea Drinks" to "National Trend Baking", who can catch the taste buds of this young generation?

  Author Zhao Danmei

  Since the beginning of summer, the temperature in many places has entered the "summer battlefield".

In addition to major new tea brands launching healthy teas that clear heat and eliminate fire, many "national tide bakers" have also given "cooling guides", such as mung bean sorbet and ice skin mochi, which attract young people's taste buds.

  It is nothing new for new tea drinks to "go out of the circle". In addition to the official launch of the new tea brand "Naixue's Tea" in Hong Kong in June 2021, the "Future Tea Wave", which focuses on healthy boutique tea drinks, as well as the same origin with medicine and food Tea brands such as "Chunfeng", which is the inspiration, will receive financing in 2021.

While all kinds of tea brands are "fighting", many capitals believe that the industry is close to saturation, and turn their attention to the "national tide baking" track.

  In addition to typical traditional Chinese desserts such as peach cakes and mung bean cakes, the brand "Guochao Baking" has launched more innovative products combining Chinese and Western styles.

For example, meat floss shellfish, all kinds of mochi, ice cream puffs, etc. are all popular products.

"Comparatively speaking, young customers are more accepting of new things and prefer creative new products." Dong Yue, the manager of Donggendao Dim Sum Store (Shijiazhuang Chang'an Wanda Store), said that the packaging with a unique national trend, creativity and The combination of old-fashioned craftsmanship makes "Guochao Baking" stand out among young people.

  "In fact, everyone is no stranger to pastries, and creative products and cultural packaging attract me more." Ice cream puffs, mung bean sorbet, and sea salt ice skin mochi are the "post-95" customers Wang Ziqi every time he visits the East. A must-buy item at Gengdao Dim Sum Store (Shijiazhuang Changan Wanda Store).

She believes that for such cutting-edge baking brands, their products are improved according to customer needs, shop decoration and product packaging are based on the integration of national trend elements such as Chinese paintings, couplets, etc., and bold color matching, leaving a "new national style". "impression.

  With the rising tide of Chinese traditional culture, Guochao is becoming a new favorite of young people's fashion culture, and gradually extends to the baking industry.

A large number of "Guochao Baking" brands have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain, bringing a new consumption experience of Chinese pastries.

Rumo Mo Dim Sum Bureau is a must-check place for many young tourists to Changsha, and the equally famous Hutou Bureau Standard Chartered Bakery also receives "You can always trust Hutou Bureau", "Pastry that you have to eat in line", "Guo Chao Dim Sum Ceiling" "Wait for good reviews.

  But don’t forget those old players who have accumulated for many years. Some old brands also realized the problem of brand image renewal and began to travel through the national tide and feelings calmly.

For example, the “No. 0 Store” in Daoxiang Village, Beijing, which opened in August 2021, is positioned as a traditional food culture experience hall integrating folk customs, food, culture, and urban memory.

The “Wenwan Desserts” such as “Dragon Head Knocker” and “Lion Gate Pier” that can be eaten have been launched, and the “Mei Palace Cake”, which has disappeared for many years, also returns with the feelings and tastes of the past.

  Similar to the new tea drink, the "Guochao Baking" brand is more snack-like and suitable for diversified leisure scenarios.

iiMedia Research believes that such cutting-edge bakery brands pay more attention to innovation than traditional brands.

Secondly, in terms of marketing methods, whether it is funny copywriting or cross-border co-branding, it is in line with the preferences of young people nowadays.

In particular, he is good at giving full play to the advantages of e-commerce and has rapidly achieved market expansion.

iiMedia Research predicts that the size of China's bakery food market will reach 306.99 billion yuan in 2023.

  According to Bao Caisheng, founder of pastry brand Bao Shifu, the baking industry will usher in a reshuffle every five years.

Among them, product capabilities, supply chain capabilities, organizational and talent management capabilities are the key factors that determine success or failure.

Chinese-style baking is a subdivision of the traditional food industry. It has the characteristics of diverse consumption scenarios and a high degree of retailing, and has attracted the attention of entrepreneurs and capital.

And it may still need to be seen whether the next "Nai Xue's tea" will appear in the "Guochao Baking" that has attracted much attention today.