China News Service, Beijing, May 18 (Reporter Yuan Xiuyue) "Pan Zhoudan, 29 years old, graduated from ETH Zurich with a master's degree." became popular online.

  In the video, after the host of the show said "We have Pan Zhoudan," Pan Zhoudan, who was in the contestants' seat, turned his head expressionlessly, stood up on his shoulders, and slanted his body. to the stage.

This set of smooth appearances attracted the attention of netizens because of its cool and mad attitude and the halo of being a scholar, and quickly caused a craze for imitation.

Video screenshot

  From college students making nucleic acid, "Pan Zhoudan style" bright green code, to "Pan Zhoudan style" eating spicy strips, "Pan Zhoudan style" feeding cat food, everything that can be turned around is accompanied by "Have you please Pan" "Zhou Dan"'s BGM, even the scissors and drinks with tilted head are included, and Pan Zhoudan's branches have emerged on the Internet, and some netizens ridiculed "everything can be Pan Zhoudan".

  Why does a stand-up act become a "hot stalk", is it boring or trendy?

Video screenshot

"Stalking" carnival

  For the Internet, this kind of “playing stalks” by the whole people is not unfamiliar.

In 2005, "a bloody case caused by a steamed bun" opened a precedent for online spoofs, and later "Zhen Huan Style" became popular.

Since the beginning of this year, "Lin Daiyu's Crazy Literature", "You Are My God", "Sheep Placenta" and so on have caused a wave of imitations.

Netizens use "The Legend of Zhen Huan" to set WeChat status

  Netizens intercepted clips of TV programs, news reports, or a certain network phenomenon, lines, emoticons, etc. in a classic film and television work, and re-created them with a playful attitude, forming a viral spread, thus forming the "Internet of Things" on the Internet. Hot Terrier".

Lin Daiyu's crazy literature

  Nan Fan, a researcher at the Fujian Academy of Social Sciences, once wrote that "stalks" have an obvious everyday spoken language style, and the public's language carnival has become the basic driving force for "stalking".

In the carnival atmosphere created by folk culture, the academy tone often becomes the object of ridicule and ridicule, and the greetings or the praise and criticism full of clichés are far less enjoyable than hot or nonsensical Internet language.

  From this perspective, Pan Zhoudan's popularity is largely inseparable from the strong "stalk culture" attribute of this video clip.

The contrast between the status of a scholar and the slightly strange actions, the magical background music, after being imitated by netizens, has a strong irony and comedy effect, coupled with the dissemination advantage of short videos, so that "Pan Zhoudan" quickly spread on social platforms Come.

Screenshot of short video platform

  It is worth noting that "Stalk Culture" is good at finding materials from existing text and video materials, and performing exaggerated relay-style re-creation.

Therefore, after many "hot stalks" become popular, they are often far from their original connotations.

  Recently, Pan Zhoudan himself came forward to respond. The reason why he behaved like that was because he did not expect to be the first to call him during the recording of the show. At that time, he applied a very thick liquid foundation on his face, and his facial expression was very tense. .

On the short video platform, he also said that at that time, his shoulders were buried in the back row, and he was arranged to play first.

Video screenshot

  Regarding the imitation of netizens, Pan Zhoudan said: "All the imitations of the bear children are intentional, and I can understand it." This self-deprecating way of responding has shortened the distance with netizens and separated Pan Zhoudan himself from the imitation boom. , Some netizens said, "I thought I was a dragging scholar, but I didn't expect that I was gentle and elegant."

At present, Pan Zhoudan has more than 2 million Douyin fans.

New data password or boring pastime?

  "Some people, there is a saying: follow someone else's path, and you will find the traffic password while you are walking; some people, there is a saying: follow your own way, and you will become that string of passwords when you are walking." On the short video platform, Pan Zhoudan expressed his feelings after becoming popular.

  Since the rapid development of the Internet in China, Internet celebrities have become an inevitable phenomenon.

From the initial accumulation of popularity based on text content, to eye-catching, ugly and curious Internet celebrities, to the current Internet celebrities with goods and content, etc., the connotation of the word Internet celebrity has not only changed, but its popularity logic has also changed. Different from the past.

  Today's netizens prefer to discover content and characters with dissemination value from the massive amount of information, such as Ramen Brother, Ding Zhen, Anti-fraud Lao Chen, etc., all of them break into the center of traffic from an ordinary person.

Even the recently frequently searched "Peking University Wei Shen" Wei Dongyi accidentally entered the public eye because of a video of an interview.

  The nomadic reading and reproduction activities of netizens make the appearance of "Hot Terriers" full of contingency. No wonder Pan Zhoudan himself is surprised that "the material is actually myself".

Video screenshot

  Some scholars refer to "stalks" as contemporary allusions. What they have in common is that they can spread rapidly in a wide space and are familiar to the public.

Unlike allusions, "stalks" generally do not settle for a long time, but only carry the mood and interest of the public for a while.

It echoes the psychological state of people at this moment, or venting anxiety, or self-deprecating irony, or simple ridicule, or just looking for the identity of the group.

  "Stalk" can open up communication channels between various groups, so the simpler the better.

This also causes the update speed of "stalks" to be faster. When a "stalk" is used without scope and bottom line, people will automatically abandon it.

Many "hot stalks" "just fill the boring gaps of our lives", and new ones will be created after this one is abandoned.

  The parties in the traffic center cannot predict their own appearances, and often cannot control their own exits.

The traffic is fierce, and it is even more ruthless when it retreats.

  Therefore, some people commented that Pan Zhoudan is not the first, nor will he be the last.

There is no shortage of "hot stalks" on the Internet, and the next Pan Zhoudan may already be on his way.