"Classmate, what if you want to see museum exhibitions while you are at home?" "Do 3D modeling by yourself!"

  Recently, due to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, the major museums of Shanghai Jiaotong University have successively adopted the temporary closing policy, but this has not weakened the enthusiasm of teachers and students to view the exhibition.

Four volunteers, Wang Wei, Liu Yang, Chen Qiying, and Wang Yilin, used the 3D modeling techniques they had learned to "self-compose, direct, perform, and speak", and used the very popular "Dai Dunbang" Water Margin during this period of time. Biography "TV Character Modeling Exhibition" has been restored online one by one.

  From the details of each chair to the overall picture of the entire exhibition, it took seven days to restore and reproduce more than 20 scenes, 178 drawings of the Water Margin, and millions of models. became a reality.

  After seven days of development and debugging, the four volunteers worked together to complete the basic construction of the online exhibition hall - the re-engraving of the exhibition hall scene was completed.

In order to better realize the "interactivity" of the museum's exhibition and the "high degree of freedom" of viewing the exhibition, the volunteers also added a series of function keys: move, adjust the viewing angle, zoom in, squat, and rush forward.

(The video of Lu Huiqian produced by reporter Xu Jing comes from Shanghai Jiaotong University)

Responsible editor: [Cheng Chunyu]