Five people, including novelist Yasutaka Tsutsui, were selected for this year's Japan Art Academy Prize, which is given to those who have made outstanding achievements in the field of art.

The following five people were selected for this year's Japan Art Academy Prize.

▽ Calligrapher Goju Ushikubo (77), real name, Isao Ushikubo

The work "Lu You Poetry", which was the reason for the award, was praised for producing a sense of dynamism by carrying a sharp brush.

▽ Novelist Yasutaka Tsutsui (87)

He has made outstanding achievements in a wide range of creative activities from science fiction works such as "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" to pure literature, and was evaluated as giving a great deal of stimulation and vitality to the literary world. ..

▽ Gagaku player Nagao Okubo (73) With an instrument called "

Hichiriki ", he is considered to be the best player of the present age, has been engaged in imperial events, and his elegant dance has led to the award.

The three were also selected for the "Imperial Prize of the Japan Academy" for their outstanding achievements.

In addition, with

Kabuki Music Tayu Aoi Takemoto (61), real name, Shingo Yanase

▽ Koto Yamada style performer Hagioka Matsurin (65) has been selected.

The award ceremony is scheduled to be held at the Japan Academy of Fine Arts Hall in Taito-ku, Tokyo in late June.