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War in Ukraine: “And now you are going to de-chimize Ukraine?

“, responds Zelensky in Moscow on biological weapons

Accusations fly from all sides.

The UN Security Council will meet urgently on Friday at 6:00 p.m. (Paris time) on the alleged manufacture of biological weapons in Ukraine, at the request of Moscow, whose credibility in the field of chemical weapons has been called into question. by Washington and London during a session on Syria.

Russia accuses Washington and Kiev of managing laboratories intended to produce biological weapons in Ukraine, which has been denied by the two capitals.

The United States suspects Moscow of preparing a chemical attack and of seeking a false pretext to justify it.

Presidential 2022: The debate between Valérie Pécresse and Eric Zemmour turns into hubbub and stink balls

It was one of the most anticipated moments of this 2022 presidential campaign. Valérie Pécresse and Eric Zemmour clashed this Thursday evening during an hour and a half debate, broadcast on TF1 and LCI.

Neck and neck in the polls, the Republican candidate and her rival from the Reconquest party delivered their proposals concerning the war in Ukraine, immigration and even economic reforms.

But the exchanges often turned into a fight, between hubbub and blows below the belt.

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Hautes-Pyrénées: An ice climber disappeared in an avalanche

An ice climber disappeared Thursday in an avalanche, followed by two others, at around 2,000 m altitude on the ice falls of the Cirque de Gavarnie, in the Hautes-Pyrénées, we learned from the high-level gendarmerie platoon. -mountain (PGHM).

At midday, the young man, aged 31 and from the Landes, "unscrewed for a hundred meters because he was destabilized by a first avalanche (…) He is probably dead", declared to AFP the commander of the PGHM, Jean-Marc Bougy.

"The search has been suspended due to the dangerous snow conditions", with heavy snowfall expected above 1,200 m, and will resume as soon as possible to recover the body, he added.


War in Ukraine LIVE: Russian strikes on Lutsk and Dnipro... The military convoy "redeployed" around Kiev...


War in Ukraine: Putin warns of global food price inflation

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