From "single action" to "multi-handed bombing"——

  Chaohu fishing ban "forbids" a new atmosphere

  Author: reporter Ma Rongrui Changhe

  "Guangming Daily" (page 10 on February 22, 2022)

  Starting from Chaohu City, Anhui, and driving westward on Huanhu Avenue, the cold wind whipped up sparkling waves.

  From 0:00 on January 1, 2020, Chaohu Lake will fully implement a ten-year fishing ban.

In the ecological restoration and management of key lakes in the Yangtze River, Chaohu Lake in Anhui is at the forefront.

  "No fishing in the lake, no selling in the market, and no eating by the masses" has now become the local norm in Chaohu.

Since fishing has been banned for more than two years, what new breakthroughs have been made in the supervision of Chaohu Lake's water ecology, what new changes have been made in the lives of fishermen ashore, and what new directions will Chaohu Lake's ecological governance have in the future?

Recently, our reporter came to the shore of Chaohu Lake to find out.

  A new way of fishery administration supervision

  "When Chaohu Lake first implemented the ten-year fishing ban, the work pressure of fishery inspections was very high. We have four fishery management boats patrolling the east and west half of the lake continuously. Now two boats on the lake can complete the work." On the wide lake, Fan Jun, a staff member of the Chaohu City Arrest Control Office, told reporters that he would participate in the "Xiahu" inspection every week.

  Chaohu Lake has a radius of 800 miles, and there are more than 180 kilometers along the coastline. The surrounding area is adjacent to five counties and urban areas.

"In the past, more than 40 colleagues from the Fisheries Administration went to the lake to inspect illegal fishing. It was like throwing a handful of salt into Chaohu Lake. Saltiness is not good at all." said Guo Wei, deputy head of the Fishery Administration General Station of the Chaohu Administration.

  In July 2020, the leading group for the prohibition and withdrawal work of Chaohu Lake, headed by the principals of the Hefei Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, was formally established. The office of the leading group (the Municipal Office for Prohibition of Arrest) was located in the Chaohu Administration Bureau. The members of the group included agricultural Rural areas, public security, market supervision, human resources and social security, finance, civil affairs, transportation and other functional departments, Chaohu ecological arrest supervision and supervision have since bid farewell to "single action" and entered "multi-handed bombing".

  "The Fishing Prohibition Office implements a notification mechanism for information clues. Whether clues are found on the fishing side, the sales side, or the consumer side, they can be quickly delivered to the relevant functional departments for verification." He Jiang, director of the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Division of the Chaohu Administration Bureau, introduced.

  Through special joint law enforcement actions such as "hundred-day visits" and "disconnection", Chaohu has eradicated a number of gang criminal organizations, and the high incidence of illegal fishing has been effectively curbed.

According to statistics, since 2020, a total of 19 illegal fishing criminal groups have been destroyed in Chaohu Lake area, 256 people involved have been arrested, and more than 6,000 fishing personnel have been persuaded to leave the scene. The situation of illegal fishing and illegal fishing in the lake area has been effectively curbed.

  "The ecological supervision of Chaohu Lake in the new era actually requires us to change the previous working method of 'going alone', and advance the line of defense against fishing in Chaohu Lake from the lake to the shore, the market, and the dining table." Chaohu Administration Director Yu Zhongyong said.

  A new life for an old fisherman

  According to statistics, as of June 2018, there were 113,300 fishing boats registered in the Yangtze River Basin, involving more than 270,000 fishermen.

In Anhui, Lujiang County was the first area along the Chaohu Lake to carry out the fishermen's retreat work. 589 local fishermen "washed their feet and went ashore" and lived a new life.

  "In the past, our family lived by Chaohu Lake, and we ate 'bowl mouth fish'!" In Lingtai Village, Tongda Town, Lujiang County, Xia Mingxiang in front of the reporter was dark-skinned and strong. 20 years of fish.

  "Bankou fish" is not only the source of income for fishermen to make a living, but also the rice and vegetables in the fishermen's bowls. It is a way of life inherited by generations of fishermen in Chaohu Lake.

In April 2019, Xia Mingxiang, who was released from arrest and landed, went out to work to find a way out, and sold rice bowls at the canteen stalls of Hefei colleges.

In April 2021, he passed the examination and returned to Chaohu Lake and back to the water - this time, instead of picking up the fishing net, he became a fisherman, assisting the fishery officials to patrol the water surface and prevent illegal fishing.

  Being close to home, convenient to take care of his wife and children, stable work, medical insurance and social security, these are the reasons for Xia Mingxiang to come back.

"I'm still more used to dealing with water." As he spoke, Xia Mingxiang smiled heartily, revealing a set of neat and white teeth.

  Different from Xia Mingxiang, 58-year-old Xia Shiying and her son Xia Qiang "completely transformed" after going ashore - they transferred 200 acres of land and started their own businesses to start a family farm of rice and shrimp farming.

  "In the first year, the technology was not mastered well, and the shrimp died; the flood the year before, the shrimp ran away from the field; last year, the shrimp made a steady profit." "The hard-working Xia Shiying's family earned more than 300,000 yuan.

  "According to the age structure, education level, and educational level of the fishermen who have returned from fishing, it is the key to ensure that the fishermen can go ashore and be stable." Wang Ping, director of the Lujiang County Catch Prohibition Office, told reporters.

  It is understood that as of October 30, 2020, the 5,638 laborers who returned from Chaohu Lake have achieved full coverage of pension, medical care, subsistence allowances, and housing security. Long-term livelihoods are effectively guaranteed.

  The new direction of Chaohu Lake governance

  After continuous treatment, the average water quality of Chaohu Lake has changed from inferior V in 2015 to IV, the best level since monitoring records began in 1979.

In 2021, the first occurrence of cyanobacteria in Chaohu Lake will be delayed by 56 days compared with last year, and the number of algal blooms, the cumulative area, and the algal density will drop by 42%, 20%, and 32%, respectively.

  "Chaohu Lake is a typical eutrophic lake in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Large filter-feeding fish such as silver carp and bighead carp living in the waters can filter and feed off the algae in the water body, which is very important for purifying the water body." Anhui Chaohu Lake Administration Institute of Lake Ecology Vice President Tang Xiaoxian introduced that before the ban on fishing, silver carp and bighead carp were the main fishing targets as economic fish. Since the ban on fishing for a year, these fish populations have been able to recuperate and reproduce, and the water quality of Chaohu Lake has also been significantly improved.

  The continuous improvement of the ecological quality of Chaohu Lake is inseparable from the continuous improvement of the fishing ban supervision system.

With the application of new technologies and equipment, an intelligent and all-weather monitoring system has been established in the waters of Chaohu Lake: around the shores of Chaohu Lake, 33 high-definition video surveillance equipment and 9 radar systems operate 24 hours a day, drone forensics, thermal imaging night vision devices Let illegal fishing and illegal fishing be invisible.

With 86 returning fishermen joining the team of fishermen, the integrated waterfront patrol management system of "civil air defense + technical defense" always guards the ecological environment of Chaohu Lake waters.

  "What is the effectiveness of Chaohu Lake governance depends on quantitative indicators in the end." Yu Zhongyong told reporters that with the continuous progress of Chaohu Lake governance, a round of "comprehensive physical examination" of Chaohu Lake began to be put on the agenda.

  "In the future, we plan to use about three years to conduct a complete monitoring and evaluation of the biological population resources and ecological environment quality in the lake area and the waterways entering the lake. It will 'take the pulse' of the health status of Chaohu Lake at this stage and provide scientific data support for the governance of Chaohu Lake in the next stage. "Yu Zhongyong said.

  (Reporter Ma Rongrui Changhe)