Reasons for depriving you of sleep require a doctor's review

Many people feel stressed and want to go back to sleep as soon as they wake up, and this is often due to several reasons such as exhaustion, not going to sleep early, or getting enough sleep, but the lack of sleep continuously should be a motivator for you To see a doctor, and according to «Express», there are many reasons that deprive you of sleep, and they have a pathological origin that needs attention, including:.

Iron deficiency anemia

Iron deficiency anemia is caused by iron deficiency, often due to blood loss or pregnancy and most often, it is treated with iron tablets prescribed by your GP and by including more iron-rich foods in your diet.


Hypothyroidism can be dangerous for a person if not treated properly, but this condition is treated simply. The NHS states: “An underactive thyroid can often be treated successfully by taking daily hormonal tablets to replace the hormones that the thyroid does not make. .

In most cases, the reason for this condition is that “most cases are caused by the immune system attacking and damaging the thyroid gland or by damage to the thyroid gland that occurs during some treatments for hyperthyroidism or thyroid cancer.” There is no way to prevent this condition from occurring. But care must be taken to adhere to treatment when they occur.

    sleep apnea

This condition called "Sleep apnoea" occurs when breathing stops during sleep and therefore people with this condition suffer from the inability to get enough sleep.

Symptoms include shortness of breath, making noises or choking while sleeping, snoring loudly and waking up frequently. To find out if you have this disease the NHS recommends asking someone to stay with you while you sleep to determine if you have symptoms as it can be difficult to identify It yourself.


There are a lot of causes that lead to depression and symptoms vary from person to person, but feeling tired when waking up can be one of the main symptoms of this disease that some people do not take seriously and consider it a trivial matter but in fact, according to the NHS it is a “real disease and has Real symptoms and poor health consequences.

emotional trauma

Emotional trauma can also lead to an interrupted sleep pattern with the NHS saying: “A relationship breakup can leave you feeling tired and exhausted.” In particular, people may notice that they feel “tired all the time” or may not sleep as often. So, if you are worried About unexplained tiredness that you think could be related to your mental health, it's important to talk to a GP as if your symptoms were caused by a physical condition.

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