This obligation had been imposed on them last July in an article of a decree canceled by the highest administrative court.

The article in question (23-1 of the decree of June 1, 2021 amended on July 30) "is canceled in that it requires French nationals who are not vaccinated" to justify a compelling reason, a reason urgent health or professional reasons that cannot be postponed.

"This requirement is likely (...) to create a lasting obstacle to the exercise of the fundamental right to reach the national territory which every French person has, without the health benefit of such a measure being manifestly such as to justify the infringement which is thus brought to this right", justifies the Council of State in its decision.

"Commit to respect voluntary isolation"

The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also stipulates that all travelers outside the European Union, whether vaccinated or not, must present the result of a negative PCR or antigen test, carried out less than 48 hours before departure.

Any traveler over the age of eleven must also “accept that a biological screening test or examination (…) can be carried out upon arrival on national territory” and “commit to respecting voluntary isolation for seven days after his arrival in France" by carrying out a new test at the end of this period.


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