Due to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus, the number of patients visiting the fever outpatient department of hospitals is increasing rapidly, and Hachioji City, Tokyo, has begun to move to increase the number of practitioners who can handle coronavirus.

The number of Omicron strains has expanded rapidly, and the number of patients visiting the fever outpatient department of hospitals for medical examinations and tests has increased rapidly, and the fever outpatient department is becoming tight.

Under these circumstances, Hachioji City, Tokyo, held an online seminar in which hospital doctors told about the characteristics of Omicron strains and how to deal with them, in order to seek the cooperation of practitioners who have not dealt with corona.

More than 100 people, including practitioners in the city, participated in the seminar.

A doctor from a hospital that has dealt with corona became a lecturer and explained, "In my experience, if you thoroughly disinfect your hands and fingers, you will hardly get infected. You do not need to prepare new protective clothing, and you can handle it with existing resources." Did.

The practitioner who participated asked, "It is expected that the number of patients will increase further in the future, but what should we do when we are rushing to the clinic?" It is necessary for the entire region to cooperate and respond to each other. "

Dr. Takao Arai, who held the seminar, said, "With the number of infected people increasing rapidly, we are in a phase where all clinics will need to respond to corona. It won't be. "

Practitioner “I want to be useful but also worry”

セミナーに参加した東京 八王子市の開業医は、新型コロナの診察に対応しようと準備を進めています。