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sixth wave of the coronavirus pandemic



finished loosening up, and although during the weekend it seems that infections have decreased in some communities,

hospital pressure

has not, which remains above 15%, which in turn has repercussions in the occupation of the Intensive Care Units (ICU).


recorded 19,405 new


infections in the last few hours, with an

increase in the risk of regrowth

(EPG), an indicator that measures potential growth, continues to climb and has reached a new record of 6,383 points, 74 more than the day before. .

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The fourth dose triples protection against severe cases for people over 60 years of age

The fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is "very effective" for those over 60 years of age, whom it "protects three times more" against serious infections than people of the same age group vaccinated with three injections, according to a preliminary study released today by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

"The fourth dose increases protection against severe disease three times or more" among the population over 60 years of age, assured Health, based on data from some 400,000 Israelis vaccinated with this fourth injection and 600,000 citizens who only received three doses of reinforcement.

The investigation, of a preliminary nature and carried out by experts from the Ministry of Health, the Weizmann Institute of Sciences, the Technion, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Sheba Medical Center, was based on the comparison "with respect to individuals vaccinated with three doses" and after 4 months have passed since their last inoculation.

In turn, according to the researchers, the fourth dose also doubles the protection against contagion among those over 60 years of age.

Today's study comes a few days after another preliminary investigation by the Israeli Sheba Medical Center, which said that the fourth dose is only "partially effective" against the omicron variant.

This strain has led Israel to now suffer its fifth wave of infections, with maximum morbidity since the start of the pandemic.

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