Once I walk through your kitchen door, the sooner the better.

That is the golden rule applicable to seafood:

consume it as soon as possible

and prepare it correctly.

But as this is not always possible, some tips for its proper conservation can make the difference between firm and shiny prawns and others that not even a good rice saves.

It must be borne in mind that



can last between one and three days

at most in the refrigerator, after that period it is not recommended to consume it.

A time that is drastically reduced if you want to

keep fresh

, specifically to about

24-48 hours.

Perhaps by juggling the calendar a little, you can come up with a perfect meal plan.

But there are those who prefer to save them, so the best idea is usually to directly

freeze it until the moment it is going to be consumed.

Of course, it should be done at the time of purchase so that, once defrosted, it is as fresh as possible.

This is how seafood is preserved at home

It is much

easier when the seafood has already been cooked


At the end of the day, the best ally will be a good container to keep it well stored in the fridge, and isolated from other foods.

To keep it fresh, a few more details will have to be taken into account.

The cold is key.

It is important to ensure a constant temperature.

So the first recommendation is to avoid opening and closing the refrigerator repeatedly, since the drafts do not help to keep the cold stable.

Of course, do not leave the refrigerator open for too long between appointments.

The shellfish, of whatever type, should remain in a

container that does not drip

and covered with a

damp cloth,

thus preventing it from drying out.

But you

do not have to submerge it in water

, be careful, it is a classic mistake.

Yet another specification: some kinds of shellfish, such as

Norway lobster

, should be kept cold with the help of a generous amount

of ice cubes.

And in the particular case of

clams, razor clams, oysters

and similar species, remember

not to remove them from the mesh

where they are stored.

Its function is to prevent them from being opened and ready for any recipe.

A proposal to succeed for sure?

A good plate of clams with eels in green sauce.

Once the seafood is perfectly stored in the fridge and meets all the rules for proper conservation, the last trick is to remember to

remove the juices

that will accumulate at the

bottom of the container.

And there will be nothing to fear.

Just enjoy the menu.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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