Have you seriously considered calling your daughter Hermione?

Do you grow mini ficus and imagine they're mandrake?

Do you always look for track 9 3/4 when you take the train?

In short, you are too much of a Harry Potter fan.

Salto has a gift for you.

The streaming platform has obtained the exclusive broadcasting rights for France, from January 1 at 9:30 a.m., of the special

Back to Hogwarts program

, celebrating the 20 years of the saga.

The performers and creators of cult films will come back to the genesis of this part of the history of cinema that changed their lives.

As a bonus, Salto makes all eight Harry Potter films available.

The French platform is therefore succeeding Netflix in this niche.

Harry Potter Marathons in perspective

And without a doubt, many of you will rush to the free trial month offered by Salto for a new orgy of magic ...

Like other sagas, like

Star Wars


The Lord of the Rings


Harry Potter

forms a set of films conducive to cine marathons. Everyone has their favorite movie, their cult scene, their favorite character.

And you ?

Twenty years after the release of the first episode, will you once again give in to the call of the Snitch?

Are you going to see (or re-watch) the complete

Harry Potter 



By the way, how many times have you seen the entire saga?

Is there one episode you love, or hate, among the eight?

Does time change your perception of films?

Do you watch them alone in a detail-focused archi-fan mode?

With friends to replay cult scenes live?

As a family to pass on the passion to the youngest?

Tell us why and how you watch

Harry Potter

in the form below;

Your answers will be used for a future article.

Movie theater

"20 years of 'Harry Potter'": "After all these years, the magic" Harry Potter "still operates", greet the fans

Movie theater

"20 years of" Harry Potter "": Tell us your memories of the cinematographic saga

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