In the so-called "Hakamada Incident," Iwao Hakamada's sister and support groups, who have been complaining of innocence for more than 50 years, have tried signatures and petitions from all over the country asking them to approve the retrial and redoing of the trial as soon as possible. I submitted it to.

Iwao Hakamada (85) was sentenced to death in 1966 when four members of his family were killed in Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City. Following the decision to conduct further trials, the Tokyo High Court is currently in discussions between the court, a lawyer, and the prosecution.

On the 20th, people from organizations supporting her sister Hideko and Takeshi visited the Tokyo High Court and submitted 7100 signatures from all over the country and a petition requesting an early start of retrial.

In this case, one year after Mr. Hakata's arrest, clothing with blood stains was found in the miso tank near the scene, and it was said that Mr. Hakata was wearing it at the time of the crime, but the defense team has been wearing miso for over a year. The redness of the clothes soaked in miso should disappear, claiming to be evidence of forgery.

In a three-party talk, the lawyers submitted a new expert testimony last month, and the prosecution plans to argue by the end of February next year.

My sister Hideko said, "I asked the court to give Iwao freedom. I don't know what the result will be, but I sincerely hope to start a retrial."