Program recorded at the Immigration Museum: African languages ​​in France

Audio 29:00

Our guests: Fabienne Leconte, Paul de Sinety, Manon Reynaud.

© Cécile Lavolot / RFI

By: Pascal Paradou

1 min

On the occasion of the Study Day “Migrating from one language to another?

»Organized by the National Museum of the History of Immigration and the DGLFLF, our program is live from the Palais de la Porte Dorée in Paris. 


How many African languages ​​are spoken in France?

Who are the speakers?

Why are these languages ​​learned?

What are the most spoken languages ​​or dialects in France? 

Paul De Sinety

, general delegate for the 

French language and the Languages ​​of France

Fabienne Leconte,

sociolinguist at the

University of Rouen


Manon Reynaud

from the




With also testimonies on African languages, collected by 

Cécile Lavolot

, in the district of Château Rouge in Paris. 

Find the full program for this special day 


And like every Wednesday, find

Lucie Bouteloup's


“La puce à l'oreille”.


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