• Eruption The future of a 'Galician' volcano: "It neither ends nor is it rising"

The spokesmen for the

La Palma Volcano

Emergency Plan

speak of an

increase in seismicity

, which can lead to new earth movements that are perceived with an intensity of up to VI.


the lava front

located 800 meters from La Laguna

is being watched with concern


In addition, from the Instituto Vulcanológico de Canarias (


) they point to a strong strombolian activity.

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Sulfur dioxide emission remains high

The emission of

sulfur dioxide

associated with the

volcanic plume

continues at high values, between 1,000 and 29,999 tons per day, although these are figures that reflect a downward trend since last September 23, when they exceeded 50,000 tons.

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Strong strombolian activity

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Increase in seismicity with more than 340 earthquakes

For María José Blanco, scientific spokesperson for the Emergency Plan for Volcanic Risk of the Canary Islands (


), the most striking phenomenon in the last hours within this eruptive process has been the

increase in seismicity

, especially at intermediate depths, with

more than 340 earthquakes in the last hours

, according to the National Geographic Institute (


), and the one with the highest magnitude an earthquake of 4.8 mgLg and intensity IV located 37 kilometers away.

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The lava front is monitored 800 meters from La Laguna


accumulation of pyroclasts

has generated a new cone in the

La Palma volcano

that emits lava without occupying more territory, as it runs north and to the center of the oldest flows, while the magma front

located 800 meters from The lagoon


The authorities are still concerned about the

wash located further north

, the one

called 12

by the Military Emergency Unit (UME), which

is "detached" from the old ones

, while monitoring

"very closely and attentive to what may happen "with the front of the wash 8

, now stopped 800 meters from the center of La Laguna and that can advance depending on the" push "it receives from the broadcasting center.

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