, Beijing, October 25 (Reporter Ma Haiyan) As of October 21, the first round of the TV series "Meritorious" has ended, and it has been universally recognized by the leaders and the audience. Douban scored 9.1 points.

Director Zheng Xiaolong breathed a sigh of relief.

"Of course there are some unsatisfactory places, but from an overall perspective, it should be considered a passing answer sheet." He said.

  Recalling that two years ago, Zheng Xiaolong was not confident when faced with this "propositional composition" for the first time.

"Because based on my previous creative experience, it is usually easy to succeed in'bottom-up' creation, and this kind of'top-down' creation is extremely difficult to succeed. The success I am talking about here is not just about finishing shooting. , Broadcast, and win awards, but to spread, remember, speak well, and have high ratings."

Director Zheng Xiaolong made a speech.

Photo courtesy of TV Drama Art Committee

  After taking the order, Zheng Xiaolong began to look through the materials of eight heroes Li Yannian, Yu Min, Zhang Fuqing, Huang Xuhua, Shen Jilan, Sun Jiadong, Tu Youyou, Yuan Longping, and some artistic images began to come alive in his mind.

At the creation symposium on the major TV series "Merritories" hosted by the State Administration of Radio and Television on the 25th, he summarized his creation experience as follows: "The success of the work is first attributed to the glories of the meritorious works; secondly, we have stories that touch the audience."

  "Recognizing merits is to set an example for the public and establish a spirit for the country!" From this point of view, Zheng Xiaolong set the breakthrough point as the "highlight moment" for writing merits.

  However, some merits are easy to recognize at all times, such as Tu Youyou, Yuan Longping, Yu Min, Huang Xuhua, and Sun Jiadong. Their achievements have attracted worldwide attention, but there are also some merits that are not so easy to recognize at all times. For example, Shen Jilan, everyone knows she should be She has been a deputy to the 13th National People's Congress, but few people know that she advocated and promoted the inclusion of "equality for men and women of equal work" into the constitution, and made significant contributions to women's liberation and equality between men and women.

  For another example, Li Yannian participated in more than 20 battles, such as the Liberation War, the suppression of bandits in Xiangxi, and the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea.

For more than 60 years, Zhang Fuqing has hidden his fame and fame deeply, and has never asked the organization for any conditions or treatment because of his military exploits.

  Zheng Xiaolong said that it is necessary to find the professional characteristics, personality characteristics, and the differences of the times of each meritorious character in order to create a personalized, flesh-and-blood character with distinctive characteristics of the times.

On this basis, their "loyal, persistent, and simple" life character and the lofty state of dedication to the motherland run through the entire work.

  "Reality" has become the core requirement of the creation of "The Meritorious".

In addition to the authenticity of the details that Zheng Xiaolong has always emphasized, such as costumes, props, and scenes, he must try his best to restore the authenticity of the times. The way of speaking, behavior, thinking and mental state of the characters must be restored to the historical era at that time. , "Even some fictitious plots must conform to the main spirit and characteristics of the meritorious character, not deliberately uplifting, not shouting empty slogans, and not engaging in false passions."

  "Merchants" wrote eight characters, divided into eight units.

"We hope that the presentation of this work must be both holistic and have their own styles. The directors and screenwriters of the various groups who participated in the filming of "The Meritorious" are all leaders in the TV drama industry. Using their respective advantages, they can show The freshness of stories in different groups. I have been a director for some years, but it is the first time to create a work in this way, and it is also a useful attempt." Zheng Xiaolong said, to his gratification, many viewers mentioned This TV series is very cinematic.

  Summarizing the creation of "The Meritorious Service", Zheng Xiaolong sincerely stated that this kind of realist themes of literary and artistic creation, on the one hand, requires the creators to go deep into their lives, extract materials from real life, and draw inspiration.

At the same time, I also hope that leaders at all levels will give more space for artistic creation.

Artistic creation must originate from life and be higher than life, which means that both facts and fictions must be allowed.

Otherwise, it is better to make a documentary if you blindly demand that you create according to your own real experience.