While the chances of enjoying karaoke are decreasing due to the influence of the new coronavirus, an outdoor karaoke class using a local baseball stadium was held in Kyoto City.

The karaoke class was planned by multiple karaoke cafes in Yamashina Ward, Kyoto City, which has been refraining from operating since April due to the influence of the new Corona, and about 90 elderly people in their 70s to 90s participate. Did.

A local baseball stadium was used at the venue, and the stadiums were lined up at a distance, and infection control measures such as wearing masks and disinfecting microphones were taken.

The gathered people first practiced vocalization and did gymnastics with a local male singer.

Then, about 40 people stood one after another on the set stage and performed enka songs to karaoke one by one, and the venue was clapping their hands.

A 90-year-old man who performed the song said, "I felt very comfortable when I sang outside because the sound echoed. I want to sing until I'm 100 years old."

Yukiko Taguchi, the owner of the karaoke coffee shop that hosted the event, said, "I think you haven't been karaoke for a long time, but it made me happy to see you looking happy today. Singing is also good for your health. It's good, so I hope you will continue to be familiar with the song. "